Survivor: Pitcairn Islands
Filming Location Ducie Island, The Pitcairn Islands
Winner Kelly Parks ()
Season Run 04/05/2009 – 05/21/2010; 03/26/2011
– 05/06/2011
No. Of Days 39
No. Of Survivors 24
Tribes      Ducie
Season Chronology
Previous Survivor: Tanzania
Next Survivor: Laos

Survivor: Pitcairn Islands is the fourth edition of the ImANewUser Survivor series. The 24 contestants were former contestants on The Amazing Race. After Forumsnet experienced some issues, the fourth season was hosted in RFF. The show started with three tribes. For this season, there is no exile or kidnapping. Instead, the tribe that wins an Immunity Challenge gets to give someone from the losing tribe a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol in camp. (However, the note which contains the clue is not revealed as such.) This made for three hidden idols, the most in any season of the game. The first half started on April 5, 2009, but the show was put on hiatus. Starting March 26, 2011, the old episodes will be re-aired, with the rest of the episodes. Filming took place in Ducie Island, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean, part of the Pitcairn Islands.


Contestant Original Tribe Day 13 Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Shana Wall
32, Los Angeles, CA
Oeno 1st Voted Off
Day 3
Marion Paolo
52, Carmel, NY
Henderson 2nd Voted Off
Day 3
Wil Steger
36, Los Angeles, CA
Oeno 3rd Voted Off
Day 5
Ken Duphiney
40, New York, NY
Ducie 4th Voted Off
Day 7
Kelly Crabb
26, Houston, TX
Henderson 5th Voted Off
Day 9
Patrick Vaughn
26, Hamilton, OH
Ducie 6th Voted Off
Day 11
Marshall Hudes
31, Dallas, TX
Oeno 7th Voted Off
Day 12
23, Brazil
Ducie 8th Voted Off
Day 12
Collin Low
35, Singapore
Ducie Oeno 9th Voted Off
Day 14
Ronald "Ron" Young, Jr.
28, Villa Rica, GA
Henderson Oeno 10th Voted Off
Day 16
Joni Glaze
44, Katy, TX
Oeno Ducie 11th Voted Off
Day 18
Paul Alessi
32, Los Angeles, CA
Ducie Ducie 12th Voted Off
Day 19
Linda Ruiz
45, Palmdale, CA
Ducie Oeno 13th Voted Off
Day 19
Avi Schneier
32, Brooklyn, NY
Henderson Ducie 14th Voted Off
1st Jury Member
Day 22
Ian Pollack
54, Palm City, FL
Oeno Oeno Cooshoo 15th Voted Off
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Oswald Mendez
31, Miami, FL
Henderson Ducie 16th Voted Off
3rd Jury Member
Day 26
Terry Lake Garner
37, Hattiesburg, MS
Henderson Oeno 17th Voted Off
4th Jury Member
Day 29
Tisha Silang
32, Manila, Philippines
Oeno Oeno 18th Voted Off
5th Jury Member
Day 32
Margaretta Groark
59, Rockwall, TX
Henderson Ducie 19th Voted Off
6th Jury Member
Day 34
Jacqueline Yu
23, Manila, Philippines
Oeno Oeno 20th Voted Off
7th Jury Member
Day 36
David Dean
32, Los Angeles, CA
Oeno Ducie 2
Florinka "Flo" Pesenti
23, New York, NY
Ducie Oeno 94
Kelly Parks
30, Miami, FL
Ducie Ducie 07
Tricia Godlewski
26, Des Plaines, IL
Henderson Ducie 2

The Game

Air Date Episode Title Challenges Clue Recipient Eliminated Vote
Reward Immunity
04/04/2009 Termites, They Give You Energy! Ducie none Shana 7-1
Marion 4-41
04/07/2009 This Isn't Trigonometry, This Is Survivor! Ducie Wil 3-2-2
04/15/2009 Risky Business Is All Risk, No Business Henderson Flo Ken 5-3
05/03/2009 Those Guys Are Cuckoo Birds Oeno Margaretta Kelly C. 6-1
05/04/2009 The Plants Have Brains Too Henderson Flo Patrick 4-3
05/06/2009 I Am About To Pee In My Pants Henderson Linda Marshall 5-1
Tâmisa 2-2-22
05/24/2009 It's Like Playing The Game All Over Again Ducie Ron Collin 5-3
08/19/2009 We're Listening To Music From This Island?? Ducie Ducie Ron Ron 6-1
12/23/2009 Thanks For Calling Me Out... Ducie Oeno Jacqueline Joni 5-3
My Head Did A Complete 360 none3 David, Jacqueline Margaretta Paul 6-1
Linda 3-34
05/21/2010 Shadier Than A Total Eclipse Oeno Oeno David Avi 3-2-1
03/26/2011 Snakes Eat Rats, But Who Eats The Snakes? none Flo Tricia Ian 2-05,6
03/30/2011 For Now, It’s Best I Stay Stupid Lake, Oswald, Kelly P., Margaretta Jacqueline Tricia Oswald 6-3
04/04/2011 I Promise I’ll Be Nice Lake, Tisha [David] Margaretta Margaretta Lake 7-1
04/09/2011 Then Where’s The Holiday At? Survivor Auction Tricia David Tisha 4-3
04/21/2011 I Guess None Of Us Thought To Bring Watches Margaretta [Jacqueline] David Kelly P. Margaretta 3-07
04/30/2011 We’re Cleaning The Middle Of The Jungle! Kelly P. [Flo] David Tricia Jacqueline 3-1-1

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "Termites, They Give You Energy!"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Seven members of each tribe would be blindfolded. The remaining tribe member would work as a caller to help the tribe carry and transfer three barrels, a house and the tribe flag in that order. The first tribe to carry all the things to the other side wins.
    • Reward: Tribal Immunity, flint

On Day 1, Jeff immediately started the game when he announced that the tribes will be determined by the castaways. The tribes were also told of "Holiday Island", a tribe camp that was more well-off than the other two camps. It was revealed that the Oeno tribe was going to live on "Holiday Island", while the Ducie tribe settled on the shark-infested island and Henderson on the island with steep surfaces. The tribes immediately got to finding food and building a shelter. The Ducie tribe started working on the shelter the first moment they stepped on the beach. Over on Oeno, the tribe immediately had problems. Tisha was secretly displeased with Wil taking over the leader position and Shana was feeling sick. On Henderson, some of the castaways had self-doubt about accomplishing anything at camp. By Day 2, the tribes were shown getting accustomed to their new surroundings. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Shana kept Oeno behind. Meanwhile, Ducie and Henderson were neck-and-neck, until Ducie pulled ahead to win the first challenge. Back at Oeno, Shana was the person on the chopping block, so she lobbied for Marshall's exit since she thought he'd be a liability. Meanwhile, Kelly C. & Marion had a little confrontation and both lobbied for the other's exit. At Tribal Council, Shana was voted out in a 7-1 vote, while Marion left after a 4-4 tie made Tricia switch her vote during the revote.

Episode 2: "This Isn't Trigonometry, This Is Survivor!"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Five tribe members would swim out to one of 5 platforms lined up in a row going out into the ocean, each farther apart from the last one. Each member would then grab a bag of pieces, and come back towards the shore. The remaining two tribe members will use the pieces and solve a puzzle. The first tribe who solves the puzzle will win immunity and reward, while the second tribe who finishes the puzzle will win just immunity.
    • Reward: fishing kit, basket of fruits

After Tribal Council, the Oeno and Henderson tribes had different reactions. At Oeno, the mood was a redemptive one, with certain members wanting to improve their status in the game. Over in Henderson, Kelly C. was shown having conflict with her tribemates, after being voted for at their first Tribal Council. The tension cooled off in the afternoon, although some tribe members became wary. At Ducie, Patrick and Paul discussed their alliance, and made Kelly P. the third member. Collin became sick and even though he was taken care of by Linda, he didn't feel safe for this week. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Wil and Jacqueline struggled to stay underwater, costing the win for their tribemates. Back at camp, Ian & Wil lobbied for Marshall's exit, while David, Jacqueline & Marshall got fed up with Wil. With the votes in the air before Tribal Council, Ian appealed to Joni & Tisha about voting off Marshall. At Tribal Council, Joni & Tisha voted for Jacqueline, sending Wil home in a 3-2-2 vote.

Episode 3: "Risky Business Is All Risk, No Business"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: For this challenge, four tribe members will be standing on a platform holding a pole on their shoulders. Every ten minutes, 20-pound weights will be added. If at any time that tribe member loses their balance, pole or bags, they are eliminated. First tribe to lose all their four members loses Immunity. The last person left standing wins the Reward for their tribe.
    • Reward: tarp, blankets and pillows

After Tribal Council, Jacqueline & Marshall felt at risk at Oeno so each strove to improve the tribe's impressions on them. As Jacqueline started to provide food for the tribe, some of her tribemates felt she was worth keeping, like Ian, while others, like Tisha, were still hesitant. Over at Henderson, the tribe started to bond and Kelly C. started to let go of her issues. In the forest, Oswald & Ron talked strategy, but were caught by Kelly C. & Avi, so the duo proposed an alliance between the four of them so that their plans would not be exposed. At Ducie, Collin continued to feel sick while Ken started to give off an aura of nonchalance and laziness to Tâmisa. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, the Ducie tribe lost an enduring battle when Paul dropped his weight, amounting to 360 lbs. In the end, Henderson's Ron & Oeno's Ian battled it out, with Ron edging out Ian to win Reward. The Henderson tribe then chose to give Flo a sealed bottle with a note. Back at camp, the Ducie tribe seemed dead set on voting for Collin. However, Tâmisa & Linda lobbied for Ken's exit, as they viewed him as very lazy around camp and someone who didn't give it all at the challenge. They talked with Patrick, who agreed. He then talked with Kelly P., but she was hesitant to go along with the plan. In the end, Kelly P. voted for Ken as well, sending him home in a 5-3 vote.

Episode 4: "Those Guys Are Cuckoo Birds"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: For this challenge, three tribe members will take turns smashing hanging tiles using pebbles. Once the tiles are smashed, a plank will be released into the water. Once all nine planks are brought back to shore, the remaining three tribe members will use the planks to assemble a staircase. First tribe who gets all six members on top of the staircase wins immunity and reward, while the second tribe will win just immunity.
    • Reward: bread, donuts, peanut butter sandwiches, pastries

After Tribal Council, Paul & Flo felt on the outs of the tribe. On Day 8, at Oeno, Jacqueline, Joni & Tisha formed a bond and plotted to get rid of the guys on their tribe. At Ducie, Tâmisa & Linda wondered about the bottle Flo had and pitched to Kelly P. the idea of voting out Flo due to the possibility of an idol stirring up the vote. Flo also started searching for the idol, but her efforts were in vain. Meanwhile, Paul talked to Patrick about the alliance and talked about who to vote out next. On Henderson, the alliance between Oswald, Ron, Avi & Kelly C. talked over who to vote out next between Margaretta & Tricia. This led to a feud between Kelly C. and Oswald and the alliance self-destructed, leading Oswald to target Kelly. At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, Ducie & Henderson held a slight lead over Oeno, but as the challenge progressed, Henderson fell behind. At the stair-building portion, Oeno increased their lead and won the Reward. Meanwhile, Henderson tried their best to catch up with Ducie, but the deficit was too big to overcome and Ducie won the second Immunity. Back at camp, the Henderson tribe scrambled to save themselves. Kelly C. & Avi tried to rebuild their alliance, but it fell on deaf ears. At Tribal Council, Kelly C. had another altercation with Oswald about the challenge and after the vote, Kelly C. was sent home in a 6-1 vote for bringing too much drama to the camp.

Episode 5: "The Plants Have Brains Too"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One tribe member from each tribe would alternate launching balls from a slingshot while the remaining five tribemates have to catch the balls with handheld nets. Catching a ball would score one point for their tribe. First tribe to score 5 points wins both immunity & the reward. Second tribe to score 5 points wins immunity.
    • Reward: a dinner of steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, rice, bread, fish, vegetables and fruits personally served to the tribe by the beach

After Tribal Council, Margaretta started to worry about her place in the game, fearing Kelly's words could have an effect on her stay. On Day 10, at Ducie, Tâmisa & Linda debated on voting out Flo separately from the alliance of Patrick, Paul & Kelly P. Even though Flo did not overhear either group talking, Flo started to suspect about going home tonight. At Oeno, Marshall started scrambling for an alliance and made a deal with Joni, leaving Joni to contemplate her options. At Henderson, as Margaretta shared her clues with Tricia to find the idol, Oswald & Ron reformed their alliance with Avi, in order to gain security in the game. Before the challenge, Patrick pitched the idea to throw the challenge in order to vote out Flo to Paul & Kelly, but Kelly P. was hesitant to follow through with the plan. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Patrick & Paul went through with throwing the challenge, giving Henderson & Oeno the win. Back at Ducie, Flo searched for the idol using the clues she was given after the challenge. Before Tribal Council, the tribe was set on voting Flo out. However, after Tâmisa & Linda overheard the alliance of Patrick, Paul & Kelly, the girls decided to keep Flo and target Patrick. They approached Collin for a blindside, but Collin was hesitant to go along with them. At Tribal Council, Flo & Patrick got into a heated argument and Collin sided with Flo, Linda & Tâmisa, voting Patrick out in a 4-3 vote.

Episode 6: "I Am About To Pee In My Pants"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member will dive out to sea and retrieve one of six satchels located at a depth ranging from 5 to 30 meters. After gathering all six satchels, three tribe members must solve a puzzle. The first tribe to solve the puzzle wins.
    • Reward: a picnic, a new shelter

After Tribal Council, Flo felt more secure with her position in the tribe & talked to Linda about the clues the following day. On Day 12, at Henderson, Margaretta sensed the alliance between Avi, Oswald & Ron, and talked to Tricia about forming a counter-alliance. At Oeno, Marshall annoyed Joni & Ian talked to Joni about forming a pact with David & Jacqueline, leaving Joni to wonder which alliance would be best for her to go to. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, the three tribes were neck-and-neck when it came to the challenge, but Henderson edged the other tribes out for a narrow victory. At Ducie, Linda shared the clues with Tâmisa & Flo. However, Tâmisa targeted Flo behind her back and broke down when Paul & Kelly somewhat refused. At Oeno, the tribe agreed on voting for Marshall and Marshall was voted out in Oeno's Tribal Council in a 5-1 vote. At Ducie's Tribal Council, the tribe was split and after a 2-2-2 tie between Paul, Flo & Tâmisa, Tâmisa pulled the unlucky purple rock and was the eighth person voted off.

Episode 7: "It's Like Playing The Game All Over Again"

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member will be given a case, each with six different items. There are 14 different items. Each tribe member must then find a match to an item in their case until all their items are matched. The tribe with the most pairs after all items are matched wins.
    • Reward: a map to a new water hole

At the Ducie camp, Flo & Linda felt betrayed by Tâmisa's vote last Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Paul and Kelly P. tried to pull over Collin, hoping to gain a majority in the tribe. At Oeno, Ian talked to David about who to vote out next as Jacqueline & Tisha went to get out food. The girls then talked about pulling Joni over to gain an advantage. When teams arrived at what they thought was a challenge, they switched tribes instead, reducing the tribes from three to two. Over at the new camps, the new tribe members scrambled to form new alliances and new lines were formed as the day progressed. At the Immunity Challenge, Ducie won in a very close fight against Oeno and chose to give the new set of clues to Ron. Back at Oeno, both Ron and the alliance of Flo, Linda and Collin searched for the idol. However, it wasn't revealed if either one had been successful. At Tribal Council, the original Ducie tribe members were outnumbered as the other members of the new Oeno tribe voted out Collin in a 5-3 vote.

Episode 8: "We're Listening To Music From This Island??"

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes must arrange a set of flags in the order stated. Once the flags are arranged, the reward will pop out. The first tribe to get the reward wins.
    • Reward: a trip to the city, a visit from loved ones, new clothes
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes must mix and match song titles with the clips played during the challenge. The tribe with the most correct matches wins Immunity.

At Oeno, Tisha still felt somehow displeased that they voted out someone as strong as Collin this early. Over at Ducie, the tribe reveled in their good fortunes, pointing out that they have the numbers. At the first Reward Challenge where only a reward was up for grabs, Ducie managed to pull off a blow-out victory and chose to give the clues to Jacqueline, who then chose to keep the clues private until she really needed it. After the Reward Challenge, Paul & Kelly P. got into a verbal showdown with Lake & Ron. At the Reward, Tricia remarked how some of her tribemates acted without manners. At the Immunity Challenge, the new Ducie tribe won their third challenge in a row. Back at camp, Jacqueline and Ian got into an argument, which led Ian to accuse Ron. At Tribal Council, Ron further irked some of his tribemates. Before the votes were revealed, Ron played an idol he said he found at the Oeno camp. However, the idol was said to be fake and being seen by the tribe as the reason they lost the challenges, Ron was voted out 6-1.

Episode 9: "Thanks For Calling Me Out..."

  • Reward Challenge: Three pairs of tribemates must race through a series of obstacles, in the form of a relay, to reach a 'Pit Stop'. The tribe whose three pairs complete the tasks the fastest wins Reward.
    • Reward: barbecue & beer
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member must try & smash a tile hanging above another castaway from the opposing tribe, pouring a bucket of water over the person below the tile. The last person left wins Immunity for his/her tribe.

At Oeno, the castaways talked about Ron's fake idol & speculated over where the idol could be and who could have it. After Jacqueline shared some clues with Tisha, she went searching and eventually found the real idol. At the Reward Challenge, the tribes participated in another Amazing Race-themed challenge, with Ducie managing to gain a lead, and eventually win, over Oeno as Jacq & Linda struggled to complete their designated challenges. Back at Oeno, Flo broke down, causing the others, particularly Linda, to consider voting her out at the next Tribal Council. At the reward, Paul & Oswald fought over whether to keep the food or finish it all, with their other tribemates eventually agreeing to eat it all, to the chagrin of Paul. At the Immunity Challenge, Oeno made a comeback and won their first challenge after swapping tribes. Back at camp, Tricia, Oswald & Kelly targeted Joni for her weakness at challenges, but Paul talked to Kelly & Joni about getting rid of Oswald instead, who he sees as a major target post-merge. At Tribal Council, Paul & Oswald were talked about as the tribe's two leaders, and this led to an argument between the two. At the end, Kelly P. joined the old Hendersons who stuck together and voted Joni out in a 5-3 vote.

Episode 10: "My Head Did A Complete 360"

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would compete in a head-to-head logrolling contest. The second round had three people on the log at one time, while the final round had four people. The last person standing from each tribe would win individual Immunity.

After Tribal Council, David & Paul felt vulnerable after voting against the majority. The next morning, the camp awoke to discover that their food supply has been eaten, leading to a showdown between Paul & Oswald, the former having been annoyed at the latter. Later, Paul started to worry about his position even more and thought he could be the next to go. At Oeno, Tisha & Jacqueline included Flo in their alliance to form a majority in the tribe. The other 3 members, Linda, Lake & Ian, also formed an alliance in fear of getting picked off by the others. At the challenge, Jeff surprised the castaways that the challenge will be individual, and that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. David & Jacqueline managed to outbalance the other castaways, winning the necklace available for each tribe. After the challenge, the Ducie castaways agreed on Paul as the next to go, but Paul scrambled to get rid of Oswald. Over at Oeno, Jacqueline targeted Linda, while Ian targeted Flo. At Tribal Council, Paul's scrambling didn't work and he was voted off 6-1, while at Oeno, after a fight between Flo & Ian, Linda was sent home in a 3-1 revote after Lake switched his vote when a tie between her & Flo was revealed.

Episode 11: "Shadier Than A Total Eclipse"

  • Reward Challenge: Before the challenge, the tribe ranked their members based on strength. At the challenge, opposing tribe members of the same rank had to face each other balancing on two pegs. After 10 minutes, both would move down to a second set of smaller pegs, then to a final set of much smaller pegs 10 minutes later. Once a tribemate drops off the pegs, the opposing member would score a point for their tribe. First to 3 points wins the Reward.
    • Reward: a night on a cruise ship
  • Immunity Challenge: Tribemates must take turns running out a course, collecting coconut juice at the end of the course. The first tribe to fill a bottle with coconut juice up to the red line wins.

At Oeno, Ian worried about his position in the tribe after being singled out at the previous vote, as did Lake for being on the outs. At Ducie, Tricia started to miss her sisters & feel homesick, while Kelly P. & David teamed up to try & avoid getting picked off by the Hendersons. During the Reward Challenge, David tried to convince Jacqueline to give him the bottle with the clues. When Oeno won, David's lobbying was successful and they gave him the clues to the idol. Aboard the cruise ship during the Reward, the Oeno tribe enjoyed themselves. Meanwhile, Tricia contemplated quitting at Ducie, giving Kelly P. & David the opportunity they needed to stay alive. When Oeno won Immunity, the duo decided to look for the idol, but failed to do so, leading them to suspect Margaretta had it. The duo decided to target Avi, Margaretta's closest ally. David tried talking to Oswald, but failed to swing his vote and instead gave him the idea to get Margaretta to give him the idol. Kelly P. also tried talking to Tricia, and at Tribal Council, her lobbying proved successful as Avi was voted out 3-2-1. Before leaving, Jeff handed over a map to the Oeno camp & orange buffs, saying that they had just merged.

Episode 12: "Snakes Eat Rats, But Who Eats The Snakes?"

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways must stand on a perch for as long as possible, avoiding various temptations. The last person standing wins.

On the trek to the Oeno camp, Oswald hit his head on a branch, but soon got treated by the Survivor medical team and pushed on with the trek during the night. The next morning, the tribes enjoyed a merge feast and relaxed for the day. At Tricia's suggestion, the tribe was named Cooshoo, which means "good!" in Pitkern. Before the merge feast, the castaways scrambled to form alliances. Lake & Ian decided to join Oswald & Margaretta, while David & Kelly P. jumped ship over to Tisha, Jacqueline & Flo. At the Immunity Challenge, Flo outlasted all the others to win Immunity. Back at camp, Tricia tried to look for the idol, with the help of Kelly P., but failed. This led Tisha to reveal the idol she found. The alliance of David, Tisha, Kelly P., Jacqueline, Flo & Tricia decided to target Oswald, but Tricia worried about the idol Oswald has, so she suggested splitting the votes between him & Lake. The alliance of Oswald, Margaretta, Lake & Ian decided to play the idol at this Tribal Council & blindside Tisha. At Tribal Council, Flo & Ian had a heated argument. Oswald pulled out a idol to the shock of the other alliance, and Jacqueline pulled out Tisha's idol for her, pulling a blindside on the blindsiders. However, Flo decided to tell Tricia to change the vote to Ian at the last minute, shocking both sides and sending Ian home in a 2-0 vote.

Episode 13: "For Now, It’s Best I Stay Stupid"

  • Reward Challenge: Two teams of four are selected via schoolyard pick (Lake, Oswald, Kelly P. & Margaretta vs. David, Tisha, Jacqueline & Flo), with the 9th player (Tricia) unable to participate or qualify for reward. The castaway left with no team received a bottle with a clue to a hidden immunity idol. For the Challenge, each team, with all four members chained together, had to look for three keys: one hidden under the sea, one buried beneath the sand and one inside the box. Each key will release one of the four members until one is left. That person, with shackles in tow, had to climb up a wall & release a flag. The first team to release their flag won the reward.
    • Reward: an afternoon on a cruise ship which includes a buffet, games and a shower available for use
  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways must stand behind a line in front of 45 multicolored ceramic tiles, each color representing a different Survivor. The castaways must sling rocks at their tiles, trying to smash them. If a castaway smashed an opponent's tile by accident, the opponent would get the score. The first person to smash (or to have smashed by others) all five of his/her tiles would win Immunity.

After Tribal Council, Flo & Tricia were questioned about switching their votes to Ian at the last minute, leaving them & Kelly P. suspicious. The next morning, Lake, Margaretta & Oswald plotted to switch the target to the old Oenos, and when they won the Reward Challenge, they set the plan into motion by trying to convince Kelly P., who won the Reward Challenge with them, while on the Reward. Meanwhile, Tricia found out that the clue for a new idol (as both idols were played at the last Tribal Council) led to another clue, and lied about it to the old Oenos. At the Immunity Challenge, Jacqueline narrowly pulled off a win, beating Kelly P. by one point. Back at camp, the majority alliance decided on Oswald, but the minority alliance continued to try to sway Kelly P. & Tricia to vote against the old Oenos. Here, Tricia revealed to Kelly P. & Flo the clue she found underneath the tribe flag, fearing the old Oenos knowing about it. At Tribal Council, Kelly P., Tricia & Flo eventually decided to stick with David, Tisha & Jacqueline and, in spite of a last-minute plea by Oswald that pinpointed Tisha as the leader of the majority alliance, he was voted out 6-3.

Episode 14: "I Promise I’ll Be Nice"

  • Reward Challenge: Four teams of two are selected via random draw (Jacqueline & Tricia, Lake & Tisha, David & Margaretta, Kelly P. & Flo). In two heats, pairs would face off in a tug-of-war battle. The winners of each heat would compete in the final round, a tug-of-war battle which requires three flags pulled outside the marked area. The first pair to do so would win Reward.
    • Reward: a helicopter ride to a secluded beach, a snorkelling trip near a coral reef, a dinner
  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways race across the water to unlock a boat, kayak, raft & large puzzle piece, in order, to get to the shore. If the castaway falls in the water, they have to go back to the buoy which their current sailing vessel was once locked to. The first person to reach the shore & place the puzzle piece on the wheel would win Immunity. Prior to the challenge, players that do not want to participate are able to partake of hamburgers, hotdogs, cookies, a pizza, soda & fruit juice for as long as the challenge continues. The decision to participate or not was determined by a simultaneous reveal of each player's choice through colored pebbles (light green & white). If the player wants to eat, they would reveal the white coin. If the player wants to participate, they would reveal the light green pebble.

After Tribal Council, Lake & Margaretta lamented on their current situation in the game. The next day, the castaways enjoyed a day of rest, where Margaretta tried to win the girls over, while Lake tried to win David over. During the Reward Challenge, Lake & Tisha won and took David along, which left Margaretta (his challenge partner) with the clue to the idol. Back at camp, the five girls left offered up an alliance, while on the Reward, Lake tried to convince Tisha & David to vote for Margaretta instead. When Margaretta won the Immunity Challenge, Lake was forced to change his target. Kelly P. found the idol & shared her discovery with Flo & Tricia. At Tribal Council, after Lake & Tricia had a small argument about the former targeting the latter, Lake was eventually voted out, despite efforts to shift the target to Tricia, in a 7-1 vote.

Episode 15: "Then Where’s The Holiday At?"

  • Survivor Auction: Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Each contestant was given US$500. The items available in the auction remained covered until after someone took them. Players may share money and the item. The auction ended without further notice. Items bought and their value were:
Contestant Item/s (Winning Bid)
David letter from home ($340); bottle with idol clues ($160)
Flo chocolate cake ($280; shared with Kelly P.); letter from home ($340)
Jacqueline bubble bath ($350)
Kelly P. chocolate cake ($280; shared with Flo)
Margaretta letter from home ($340)
Tisha ice cream sundae ($260)
Tricia burger with fries & soda ($140); letter from home ($340)
  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways were asked a series of questions about the Pitcairn Islands. When a castaway gets the correct answer, they get a chance to chop one of the other castaways’ three ropes, releasing a bundle of coconuts. Three chops will release all of a castaway's coconut bundles, eliminating them from the challenge. Last person left with a coconut bundle hanging wins Immunity.

On the morning of Day 30, Margaretta pondered on her current position in the game. That day, a Survivor Auction was held instead of a Reward Challenge. Tricia had the winning bid for a letter from home, and other castaways had to pay the winning bid to get theirs. Back at camp, Tisha & David reaffirmed their alliance, and tried to find a new way to lobby for Margaretta's exit. At the Immunity Challenge, tribal allegiances were revealed and through the mess, Tricia managed to survive and won Immunity. Back at camp, the new alliance of the five girls decided to go with the new plan that had, instead of Margaretta going home, Tisha as the new target. Kelly P., Tricia & Margaretta were willing to go with the plan, while Jacqueline & Flo were hesitant. At Tribal Council, Jacqueline stuck with the original plan, but Flo went with the new plan, and Tisha was sent home in a shocking 4-3 vote.

Episode 16: "I Guess None Of Us Thought To Bring Watches"

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge was a version of Shuffleboard. Each castaway was given two metal discs. On the board there was be a map of the Pitcairn Islands & an X. The castaways had to try to get their discs as close to the X as possible. The castaway with the disc closest to the X wins Reward.
    • Reward: a Pitkern picnic in a local village, an overnight stay at a resort lodge, new clothes, a surprise visit from their old teammates
  • Immunity Challenge: Both the castaways and their teammates will participate in the challenge. The castaways verbally guided their blindfolded teammates to get a bag of puzzle pieces, then both the castaways and their teammates navigated a rope course & dug through a sand pit for two more bags of puzzle pieces. Once all the bags were retrieved, the castaway and their teammate had to work together to assemble the puzzle. The first castaway to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

After Tribal Council, David felt left out. The next morning, the entire tribe bonded on a fishing trip, except for Margaretta who stuck behind at camp. At the Reward Challenge, Margaretta showcased her shuffleboard skills and won the challenge. She chose to take Jacqueline on the Reward, and both of them were surprised by the arrival of their old teammates. Back at camp, Flo & David had an argument over tending the fire that night, and this led Kelly P. to tend the fire herself. The next day, Flo & David reached a truce. At the Immunity Challenge, the castaways were happy to see their old teammates, particularly Tricia who fell down to her knees. It came down to David & Jeff and Flo & Zach, with David & Jeff winning out. Now with the original target immune, the girls were split: Jacqueline & Margaretta targeted Kelly P., while Kelly P., Flo & Tricia targeted Margaretta. At Tribal Council, Kelly P. played her idol, nullifying the three votes against her and sending Margaretta home in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 17: "We’re Cleaning The Middle Of The Jungle!"

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge featured elements from past challenges. In the first round, the castaways had to navigate a rope course & reach a platform. The first four to reach the platform moved on. In the second round, the eliminated person launched balls into the sky. Using handheld nets, the other four had to try to catch one of these balls. The first three to catch a ball moved on. For the third round, the three remaining castaways had to try & smash a tile hanging above one of the others. The first castaway to get his/her two tiles smashed was eliminated. The final two players then competed in a best-of-three log roll. The person who won the log roll won Reward.
    • Reward: a spa treatment, dinner & overnight stay at a bungalow, a 2011 GMC Yukon XL
  • Immunity Challenge: Under a time pressure of fifteen minutes, the castaways dove into a sand pit and covered their body with as much sand as they can, then raced back and scraped it off into a bucket. They could not carry mud in their hands; they could only use the rest of their body. After the fifteen minutes were up, each bucket was weighed. The castaway with the heaviest bucket won Immunity.

When Margarett was voted out, David tried to reassure Jacqueline of their alliance. The following morning, the girls solidified their pact to take out David, and Jacqueline created a lie to keep David off their trail. Kelly P. won the Reward Challenge, and took Flo. There, the two girls made a Final 2 pact, forcing Kelly P. to weigh her options. Back at camp, Jacqueline told Tricia of her lie, and made an agreement to not let David win the next challenge. However, at the Immunity Challenge, David managed to put more sand in his bucket than the others and won a spot in the Final Four. Back at camp, Jacqueline accepted that she was the next person voted off. However, the other girls, led by Tricia, proposed Jacqueline to try & convince David to give her the necklace at Tribal Council. In spite of the girls' plan, and a staged fight between Flo & Tricia, David kept Immunity, and Jacqueline was voted out in a 3-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Original Tribes Day 13 Tribes Merged Tribe Jury Vote
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Reunion
Eliminated: Shana
7/8 Votes
Tie Marion
4/6 Votes
3/7 Votes
5/8 Votes
Kelly C.
6/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
5/6 Votes
2/6 Votes
5/8 Votes
6/7 Votes
5/8 Votes
6/7 Votes
Tie Linda
3/4 Votes
3/6 Votes
2/2 Votes
6/9 Votes
7/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
3/3 Votes
3/5 Votes
Voter Vote
David Shana Wil Marshall Oswald Paul Avi Oswald Oswald Lake Margaretta Kelly P. Flo
Flo Collin Patrick Paul Lake Ron Linda none Ian Oswald Lake Tisha Margaretta Jacqueline
Kelly P. Ken Flo Tâmisa Joni Paul Avi Oswald Oswald Lake Tisha Margaretta Jacqueline
Tricia Kelly C. Marion Kelly C. Joni Paul Avi Ian Oswald Lake Tisha Margaretta Jacqueline
Jacqueline Shana Wil Marshall Collin Ron Linda Linda Oswald Oswald Lake Margaretta Kelly P. Tricia
Margaretta Kelly C. Kelly C. Kelly C. Joni Paul David Tisha Tisha Lake Tisha Kelly P.
Tisha Shana Jacqueline Marshall Collin Ron Linda Linda Oswald Oswald Lake Margaretta
Lake Marion Marion Kelly C. Collin Ron Flo Linda Tisha Tisha Tricia
Oswald Marion Marion Kelly C. Joni Paul David Tisha Tisha
Ian Shana Marshall Marshall Collin Ron Flo Flo Tisha
Avi Kelly C. Kelly C. Kelly C. Joni Paul Margaretta
Linda Ken Patrick Paul Lake Ron Flo none
Paul Collin Flo Tâmisa Oswald Oswald
Joni Shana Jacqueline Marshall Oswald
Ron Marion Marion Kelly C. Collin Lake
Collin Ken Patrick Flo Lake
Tâmisa Ken Patrick Flo
Marshall Shana Wil Jacqueline
Patrick Ken Flo
Kelly C. Marion none Margaretta
Ken Collin
Wil Shana Marshall
Marion Kelly C. none
Shana Tisha
  • A name in bold indicates the winner of the season.
  • A name in underline indicates the winner of the car (a 2011 GMC Yukon XL).


Note 1: Marion received an additional 4 votes in the revote, while Kelly C. received an additional 2 votes.
Note 2: There was a 2-2-2 tie between Tâmisa, Flo & Paul, so a purple rock was used to settle the tie.
Note 3: There was no Reward Challenge this week. Instead, there was an individual Immunity Challenge since both tribes went to Tribal Council.
Note 4: Linda received an additional 3 votes in the revote, while Flo received an additional 1 vote.
Note 5: Because Oswald played the Hidden Immunity Idol, four votes against him did not count.
Note 6: Because Tisha played the Hidden Immunity Idol, four votes against her did not count.
Note 7: Because Kelly P. played the Hidden Immunity Idol, three votes against her did not count.

Jury Vote

  • Avi -
  • Ian -
  • Oswald -
  • Lake -
  • Tisha -
  • Margaretta -
  • Jacqueline -

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