Survivor: Gobi Desert
Filming Location Nemegt Basin, Mongolia
Winner Zach Behr (6-3)
Season Run 12/29/2007
– 04/26/2008
No. Of Days 39
No. Of Survivors 24
Tribes      Uyghur
     Khongoryn Els
     Yintai Shamo
All-Stars Zach Behr, Desiree Cifre, Joseph Meadows
Season Chronology
Previous Survivor: Timor
Next Survivor: Tanzania

Survivor: Gobi Desert is the second edition of the ImANewUser Survivor series. The 24 contestants previously appeared from twelve different seasons of the show The Amazing Race. The show had a same format as the first season, except that the game is starting with four tribes and castaways are now kidnapped, instead of exiled. Two of the four camps have a hidden Immunity Idol. The camps are chosen by the tribes themselves to avoid any controversy on bias. These idols can be used up until the Final 5. An additional rule is that no person can hold more than one idol at once. Both idols were used. The game started on December 29, 2007 and ended on April 26, 2008, around three weeks after Survivor: Tanzania started. Filming took place in the Nemegt Basin in Mongolia, located in the northwestern area of the Gobi Desert. On Day 39, Zach Behr, a production assistant from New York, New York, beat Russell Kalenberg in a 6-3 vote to win.


Contestant Original Tribe Day 7 Tribe Day 15 Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Adrian Yap
27, Singapore
Khara-Khu'Rem Lost In Challenge
Day 1
Tommy Linz
19, Cincinnati, OH
Khongoryn Els Lost In Challenge
Day 1
Brian Smith
27, Santa Monica, CA
Uyghur Lost In Challenge
Day 1
Kelly McCorkle
26, Greenville, SC
Chinggis Lost In Challenge
Day 1
Melody Chen
28, Singapore
Khara-Khu'Rem 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Bill Bartek
53, Laguna Niguel, CA
Khongoryn Els 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Andrew Tan
26, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chinggis 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
23, Brazil
Khara-Khu'Rem 4th Voted Out
Day 6
Steve Cottingham
47, Santa Barbara, CA
Khongoryn Els Chinggis 5th Voted Out
Day 8
Marsha McCoy
26, Gainesville, FL
Khongoryn Els Uyghur 6th Voted Out
Day 10
Lindsay Bransen
20, Park Ridge, IL
Uyghur Uyghur 7th Voted Out
Day 12
Mari Lice
40, Brazil
Chinggis Chinggis 8th Voted Out
Day 14
Eve Madison
24, New York, NY
Uyghur Chinggis Chinggis 9th Voted Out
Day 16
Mary Lenig
38, Sunbury, PA
Khongoryn Els Khongoryn Els Chinggis 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 18
Paula Taylor
24, Bangkok, Thailand
Chinggis Khongoryn Els Uyghur 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 21
Jill Aquilino
29, New York, NY
Khara-Khu'Rem Chinggis Chinggis Yintai Shamo 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Joseph Meadows
23, Fort Smith, AR
Chinggis Chinggis Chinggis 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Debra Carmody
49, Louisville, KY
Khara-Khu'Rem Uyghur Uyghur 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
Emily Hoyt
21, Waco, TX
Khongoryn Els Uyghur Uyghur 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Brennan Swain
29, Rohcester, NY
Uyghur Uyghur Uyghur 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 35
Chip McAllister
46, Coto de Caza, CA
Khara-Khu'Rem Uyghur Uyghur 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Desiree Cifre
24, New York, NY
Uyghur Khongoryn Els Uyghur 18th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Russell Kalenberg
46, Brainerd, MN
Uyghur Khongoryn Els Chinggis Runner-Up 3
Zach Behr
23, New York, NY
Chinggis Khongoryn Els Chinggis Sole Survivor 43

The Game

Filming Dates Episode Title Challenges Kidnapped Eliminated Vote
Reward Immunity
12/29/2007 - 1/2/2008 The Race Begins Brennan, Marsha, Jonatas, Mari Lice, Lindsay Uyghur none Adrian Tommy Lost In Challenge
Khongoryn Els Brian Kelly
Chinggis Melody 2-1-1-1
1/2/2008 - 1/12/2008 This Is What Doom Sounds Like Uyghur Uyghur Jill Bill 3-2
Andrew 4-1
Jonatas 3-1
1/12/2008 - 1/26/2008 I'm No Sexist Uyghur Uyghur Paula Steve 3-1-1
Khongoryn Els
1/26/2008 - 2/9/2008 You Should've Gained Weight Uyghur Chinggis Zach Marsha 2-2-1-1
Khongoryn Els
2/9/2008 - 2/16/2008 Just Like A Surprise Uyghur Chinggis Zach Lindsay 3-2
Khongoryn Els
2/16/2008 - 2/23/2008 Alliances Are Never Real Uyghur Uyghur Paula Mari Lice 2-1-1
Khongoryn Els
2/23/2008 - 2/25/2008 We're Turning To Nomads Uyghur Uyghur Jill Eve 5-1
2/25/2008 - 3/1/2008 That's No Man, That's A Monster Chinggis Uyghur Brennan Mary 2-2-1
3/1/2008 - 3/8/2008 This Circle Needs To Be A Line Chinggis Chinggis Brennan Paula 3-2-1
3/8/2008 - 3/15/2008 Now That's A Blindside Chinggis Joseph Brennan Jill 5-4
3/15/2008 - 3/16/2008 And The Last Idol Standing Is... Desiree [Zach] Russell none4 Joseph 4-0
3/17/2008 - 3/23/2008 Controlling Puppets Is Fun Desiree, Emily, Russell Desiree Debra 4-2-1
3/23/2008 - 3/29/2008 I Now Know What Love Is Zach [Brennan, Russell] Desiree Emily 3-1-1-1
3/29/2008 - 4/9/2008 Let's Start The Bidding At One Vote Survivor Auction Russell Brennan 4-0
4/9/2008 - 4/26/2008 Screwy Little Rascal none Russell Chip 2-1-1
Zach Desiree 1-0
Reunion Jury Vote Russell 6-3

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "The Race Begins"

  • Reward Challenge: Each castmember had to navigate themselves across the desert to the Tribal Council area where they'll receive a map to their camps. The last person from each tribe to arrive was eliminated out of the game. The first five to reach Tribal Council wins.
    • Reward: individual Immunity
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes had to navigate a series of obstacles and make it through as a tribe. First three tribes to cross the finish line wins.

The castaways began by flying to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Once there, they rode jeeps to the Nemegt Basin. After they arrived on Day 1, the buffs were given and the first Reward Challenge was announced. At the Challenge, Adrian, Tommy, Brian and Kelly got lost and arrived way behind the others, making them the first four out of the game. On Day 2, the tribes stared to make the most of their camp, given only a machete and a map to their water source. On Day 3, the tribes convened for an obstacle course Immunity Challenge. Uyghur had an early lead and were the first to be safe. Khara-Khu'Rem fell behind early. They managed to catch up, but they still lost, sending them to Tribal Council. With Jonatas immune, the tribe started to scramble for votes. In the end, they ended up voting for each other with Jonatas being the deciding vote and sending Melody home in a 2-1-1-1 vote.

Episode 2: "This Is What Doom Sounds Like"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe must dig up the sands for four puzzle pieces. Once the pieces are found, they must drag them to their tribe mat and solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins.
    • Reward: a new shelter
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member had to balance 10 pounds of camel meat on their backs. Last tribe member to hold on to their meat wins Immunity for their tribe. After the challenge, it was revealed that only one tribe would win Immunity.

On Day 4, Andrew took over a leadership role in Chinggis, which annoyed the other tribe members. Zach & Joseph then decided to form an alliance, dragging Paula & Mari Lice along for the ride, while in Khara-Khu'Rem, Jonatas was irritating the rest of his tribemates. At the Reward Challenge, Uyghur won the shelter & chose to kidnap Jill, where she received a clue to the whereabouts of two hidden Immunity Idols, which was revealed to the audience as hidden in the Khongoryn Els & Chinggis camps. On Day 5, the tribes convened for the Immunity Challenge, where In a shocking twist, only Uyghur won Immunity. Over in Khongoryn Els, the tribe was divided on Bill & Mary, the weakest members on the tribe. Marsha, the swing vote, decided to stick with the girls vote Bill out 3-2. Sticking with their alliance, the Chinggis tribe voted Andrew out unanimously in a 4-1 vote, while Jonatas was voted out 3-1 afterwards due to the fact that he is lazy at camp and that they felt they will do better without him.

Episode 3: "I'm No Sexist"

  • Reward Challenge: The three tribes must play a game of tug-of-war. Last tribe intact with their flag wins.
    • Reward: pillows, blankets, tarp
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member must search an assigned area for a set of pieces. Once all four sets are found, the remaining member must solve the puzzle. First two tribes to solve it wins.

After the shocking Tribal Council, a tribe switch occurred. This caused some of the castaways to rethink their plans. The original Chinggis tribemates decided to stick together, while Uyghur's Brennan & Lindsay decided to stick together & ally with their new tribemates. Uyghur came out on top at the Reward Challenge once again & chose to kidnap Paula, where she was given a clue to a hidden idol, without her knowing it was not in that camp. At the Immunity Challenge, Steve moved very slowly and couldn't recover enough ground for Joseph to solve the puzzle faster. Chinggis ended up on the losing end and had to go to Tribal Council. Back at camp, Eve lobbied for Jill since she was very lazy at camp while Steve lobbied for Mari Lice since she was as weak as he was. Mari Lice & Jill got fed up with the campaigning and allied with each other. Mari Lice then pulled over her ally Joseph to vote out Steve over Eve since they wanted to keep their strongest members intact.

Episode 4: "You Should've Gained Weight"

  • Reward Challenge: The three tribes must try to raid as much objects from the opposing tribe's mat as they can. The tribe with the most raided objects wins.
    • Reward: a new bathroom
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes will have four representatives who will be standing on a platform. The representatives must then try to push the opposing tribe's members off the platform. The last two tribes with members on the platform wins.

After Tribal Council, Eve felt a sign of alienation upon return to their camp. On the morning of Day 9, Paula cooked a major feast for Khongoryn Els in light of their recent win. She remarked that this is her way to get on her tribemates' good sides. During the Reward Challenge, Uyghur won in a major upset and chose to kidnap Zach from Khongoryn Els, with Zach feeling a sense of paranoia. In a heated match for Immunity at the Immunity Challenge, Uyghur narrowly lost when Lindsay was pushed of the platform. Back at camp, since the boys were immune, the focus was on one of the girls. Brennan and Debra pushed for lazy Marsha, while Chip and Emily pushed for Debra's exit. At Tribal Council, the votes were split 2-2-1-1 and Marsha and Debra went through a tiebreaker. Debra beat Marsha and left the game.

Episode 5: "Just Like A Surprise"

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes must try and navigate a maze while being blindfolded. First tribe out of the maze wins.
    • Reward: toiletries
  • Immunity Challenge: Four members from each tribe will head out to different parts of an obstacle course. Once there, they have to complete obstacles & grab a flag. Once they have all four flags, they must use the poles to spin a wheel, raising the tribe flag. First two to raise the flags wins.

Upon arrival at camp, Uyghur aired out their dry laundry. On Day 11, Brennan caught fish, providing himself security in the tribe as a provider. Over in Chinggis, Eve and Jill clashed over how the rice was cooked, resulting in a temporary moment of awkwardness. Mari Lice then patched things up between the two. During the Reward Challenge, Uyghur won Reward again and chose to kidnap Zach again, feeling confident in being one step closer to finding the idol. At the Immunity Challenge, Lindsay lost time for Uyghur, causing them to lose Immunity for the second time. Back at camp, Chip was immune, so Brennan targeted Debra for her weakness. Chip, however, did not agree to this and decided to vote out the crafty Lindsay. At Tribal Council, Chip managed to convince Emily and Debra to vote out Lindsay 3-2.

Episode 6: "Alliances Are Never Real"

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes played a mix-and-match game with Mongolian wildlife. The first tribe to get ten correct matches wins.
    • Reward: overnight stay at a traditional yurt
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes participated in a message relay, where the first two people will relay a very long message to the other two tribe members on the other side of the desert. The two will then have to spell it out using 50 bags of letters buried under the sand.

Brennan felt shocked at Lindsay's vote and demanded an explanation from Chip. At the Reward Challenge, Uyghur won for the fifth time and chose to kidnap Paula in order to limit the people getting clues to the idol. Back at camp, Russell decided to start working more around camp, so that he can be seen as an asset by his tribemates. At Chinggis, Mari Lice started complaining about camp life, which caused Joseph to rethink his alliance with her. At the Immunity Challenge, Uyghur and Khongoryn Els had troubles at the start, but Eve's fuzzy memory led the Chinggis tribe to a loss. Before Tribal Council, Joseph broke off all ties with Mari Lice and formed a new alliance with Eve. To secure Mari Lice's exit, Eve told Mari Lice to vote for Joseph, who she mutually got annoyed with and Joseph told Jill to vote for Eve, who she blamed for the loss. At Tribal Council, their plan worked and Mari Lice was sent packing 2-1-1.

Episode 7: "We're Turning To Nomads"

  • Reward Challenge: The newly reassembled tribes played a game of catch & release. The first tribe to have their entire tribe released wins.
    • Reward: the old Uyghur & Chinggis rewards
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes answered trivia questions about the Gobi Desert. The tribe with the most correct answers wins.

After Tribal Council, Jill felt alienated by the vote and hoped to get kidnapped away from camp. Before the Reward Challenge, Khongoryn Els was dismantled and divided into two groups. Paula and Desiree joined the Uyghur tribe, while Mary, Russell and Zach joined Chinggis. Uyghur won the Reward Challenge again and they chose to kidnap Jill. In another twist, they moved to the Chinggis camp while the new Chinggis tribe moved to the former Khongoryn Els camp. Upon arrival, they found that the camp was completely ravaged so they have to start again. As they were rebuilding, Eve started to complain, prompting Joseph to regret him allying with her. At the Immunity Challenge, Eve made the tribe answer a question wrongly, giving Uyghur the win and sending Chinggis to Tribal Council. Joseph, Mary and Zach convened on the camp's outer edge to agree on voting out Eve. They pulled in Jill and Russell and told them of the plan, but were still unsure of what to do. At Tribal Council, Eve spoke highly of herself, which annoyed Jill and Russell. This made them finally vote for Eve as well, sending her home in a 5-1 vote.

Episode 8: "That's No Man, That's A Monster"

  • Reward Challenge: The tribes must clear an obstacle course and collect sandbags along the way to be thrown into a goal. First tribe to throw the bags into the goal wins.
    • Reward: raiding three crucial items from the other tribe camp
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes had to look for five tribe necklaces in a sand pit. Once all the members of the tribe find a necklace, they must use these necklaces to decode a three-word phrase to win Immunity.

At Chinggis, the tribe got up early to prepare food. Zach assesses their situation as dire as they have not won any Rewards yet. At the Reward Challenge, Chinggis manages to pull off a big win. They chose to kidnap Brennan and they took him to the reward. They chose to get the fishing gear, tarp and the basket of food. Brennan chose to sat out and hide some of the other crucial items, prompting him to sigh about losing this Reward. At the Immunity Challenge, Chinggis fell behind as they were solving the puzzle, giving Uyghur the win, spelling the phrase "The Final Ten". Back at camp, Jill & Zach blamed Mary for the loss, while Joseph & Mary, blamed Zach for being too bossy and ignorant of other people's ideas. Both sides tried to sway Russell to vote with them. At Tribal Council, Russell decided to vote for Joseph, forcing a tie between Mary and Zach in a 2-2-1 vote. With Zach receiving no previous votes against him, Mary became the first member of the jury after receiving two previous votes against her.

Episode 9: "This Circle Need To Be A Line"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe member must collect as much X's as possible in the sand. The tribe with the largest amount of X's wins.
    • Reward: spa, a camel-induced meal
  • Immunity Challenge: Wearing traditional Mongol warrior outfits, the tribe must try to hit four targets 50 feet away in order to raise a flag.

After Tribal Council, Zach gets relieved at the thought of living another day on the island, thanking the former Khongoryn Els tribe for voting for Mary. At the Reward Challenge, Brennan, Debra and Emily faltered, giving Chinggis the win. They chose to kidnap Brennan, letting him partake in the Reward. Giving him yet another clue to the Immunity Idol, he assesses the situation remarking that it's "between him, Paula, Jill and Zach for that illusive Idol". Back at Uyghur, Debra worked harder around camp trying to get on her tribemates' good sides, noting that if they lose the next Immunity Challenge, it's over for her. At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes took on the roles of the Mongol raiders. Debra and Desiree gained an early lead, but Chinggis caught up and won Immunity. At Uyghur, Chip got annoyed with Brennan and Emily, as well as Debra for not working much around camp. The couple then informed Debra of their plan to vote off Paula. Seizing an opportunity to turn the game around, Desiree and Paula approached Debra with a plan of their own to vote out Emily. With Chip's vote decided, Debra pondered on her choice, aware she was the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Debra sided with Brennan and Emily and voted out Paula in a 3-2-1 vote.

Episode 10: "Now That's A Blindside"

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe member must try to shoot their buff inside a basket. First tribe to get their buffs inside the basket wins.
    • Reward: fishing trip on a lake
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member of the newly-merged tribe must stand on a perch for as long as possible. The last person left standing wins Immunity.

Leaving Desiree on her own after the last Tribal Council, she made a pact with the majority alliance in order to secure herself. At the Reward Challenge, Chinggis came out on top and won Reward. They chose to kidnap Brennan. In a twist, Brennan was left at camp, not able to partake in the reward. He then used this time to find the Idol, which he successfully did. On Day 23, the tribe merged, after which they participated in the first individual Immunity Challenge, which involved temptations. As the other castaways gave in to offers of chocolate, peanut butter, cookies, donuts and a pizza, Joseph kept his cool and won Immunity. After returning to the original Uyghur camp, the old Chinggis members tried to convince Chip and Emily to vote out Debra for being lazy around camp and being too annoying. Chip and Emily readily agreed, even admitting to them that they wanted her gone before. However, Brennan and Desiree, not knowing about Chip and Emily's plan to blindside Debra, tried to convince Joseph and Zach to blindside Jill, calling her a "sly threat" and not pulling her part around camp, in order to preserve their numbers. At Tribal Council, Chip and Emily sided with the old Chinggis tribe members, but Joseph and Zach sided with the old Uyghur members and voted out Jill in a 5-4 vote.

Episode 11: "And The Last Idol Standing Is..."

  • Reward Challenge: Two tribe members at a time faced off against one another in a game of cards. Last person standing wins.
    • Reward: overnight trip to a local village
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe faced off against one another in a food-eating contest. Last person standing after four rounds wins Immunity.

Upon arrival at camp, Russell confronted Joseph and Zach about their betrayal last night. The next morning, Debra and Desiree cooked food, giving everyone but Chip, forcing Chip and the girls to have their little battles. Brennan took this time to break away from the crowd and bond with Emily. Zach took note and pondered if they could be a threat in the future. For the Reward Challenge, the eight fought for Reward, as well as a clue to the Idol. Desiree won the Reward Challenge, choosing to take Zach along with her. Back at camp, tensions rose between Joseph and Russell and Chip and Debra. Brennan and Emily hiked to the far side of the desert, wishing Desiree and Zach would return. Russell beat out Emily in the fourth round of the Immunity Challenge and won Immunity. Back at camp, Brennan and Emily made a deal with Russell, ensuring him safety tonight in exchange for voting out Joseph tonight. However, their allies, Chip, Debra and Desiree, decided to blindside Brennan because they thought the couple was gaining too much power. Talking to Joseph, it seemed the plan was in motion. However, before Tribal Council, Joseph told Zach, who then told Brennan in hopes of saving him. At Tribal Council, Brennan became paranoid and he played his idol, nullifying the votes he got, sending Joseph home in a 4-0 vote.

Episode 12: "Controlling Puppets Is Fun"

  • Reward Challenge: Each of the castaways filled out a questionnaire in private, then the questions were posed to the group. At this time, they had to guess whose name came up most often. Each time someone got a correct answer, they got to chop one of three ropes belonging to another tribe member. After three chops, the helmet assigned to them will burn. Last person with their helmet intact wins.
    • Reward: overnight trip to a spa
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways raced to get through five obstacles and raise the flag on a spot marked by a map at the end of the obstacle course. The first person to raise the flag wins Immunity.

Brennan and Emily, after coming back from Tribal Council, decided to head into their tent and spend some time to bond together, irking Debra and Chip even more. The next day, the seven competed in their next Reward Challenge. Desiree, Emily & Russell proved to be formidable as they lasted together and went on the Reward together, winning another clue to the idol. Back at camp, Chip formed an alliance with Zach, hoping that Zach would vote with them and send the couple plus Russell home. Upon the return of the winners at camp, Desiree told the others of their good fortune. This irked Debra a bit and told Russell about it, feeling that she can confide in him. At the Immunity Challenge, Desiree beat the others in the obstacle course and extended her lead in finding the flag, thus keeping her immune at tonight's Tribal Council. Back at camp, the alliance of Brennan, Emily and Russell decided to keep Zach out of the decision to vote out Debra this time, as Brennan overheard him strategize with Chip before. They then pulled Desiree over, where Russell told Desiree about Debra's slight irritation with her. Desiree was then lobbied to vote out Debra since they told her she was a threat. At Tribal Council, their plan worked and Debra was voted out 4-2-1.

Episode 13: "I Now Know What Love Is"

  • Reward Challenge: The Final Six must hold on to a piece of rope as long as possible. The last castaway left holding on wins.
    • Reward: picnic, 2008 Jeep Liberty
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways participated in a more complex Gobi Desert quiz. The castaway with the most correct answers wins Immunity.

After Tribal Council, Chip and Zach officially solidified their pact and decided to bring Desiree in, mentioning to her that in this new alliance, she's in a group of three, but in the old alliance, she's fourth in a group of four. At the Reward Challenge, Zach held on the longest, winning the car and a picnic and took Brennan and Russell along with him. Back at camp, Chip and Desiree, apparently in a plan with Zach to split the majority alliance so they can get the numbers, tried to put thoughts of betrayal in Emily's head, but Emily wouldn't budge. At the Reward, Zach spent time alone each with Russell and Brennan, and planted seeds of doubt into each of them, putting Russell and Brennan in a fight as Zach stayed on the sidelines. At the Immunity Challenge, teams answered questions on the Gobi Desert. Answering four out of five questions right, Desiree won Immunity and a one-in-five chance of winning. After the Immunity Challenge, Chip, Desiree and Zach plotted to vote for Emily, while Emily, Russell and Brennan plotted to vote for Zach. Before Tribal Council, Zach found the second idol hidden around camp using the three clues he received. At Tribal Council, Brennan and Russell got into each other's throats and argued again. In the end, Emily's vote for Zach didn't matter as Brennan and Russell voted for each other and Chip, Desiree & Zach voted Emily out 3-1-1-1.

Episode 14: "Let's Start The Bidding At One Vote"

  • Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
    • Reward: various rewards
  • Immunity Challenge: The Final Five participated in a rerun of four previous challenges (more questions on the Gobi Desert, racing to raise a flag, a food-eating contest, weight-lifting).

Back at camp, Russell assessed the situation that he was starting to feel out of the loop, but still had his head up high, thinking that he should win the next Immunity Challenges. At the Reward Challenge, Russell won most of the items, including a day with Cyndi, a clue to the idol which would've been useless, and some food items, one of which he shared with Chip. After the auction, Brennan threw a fit in front of everyone, complaining about what has happened during the past days. This led the alliance to vote Brennan off if he doesn't win Immunity. At the Immunity Challenge, Russell pulled off a swift victory and thus, won Immunity and a spot in the Final 4. After the challenge, Brennan pleaded his case to Chip, then Zach, saying that he'll be the perfect goat to take to the end, seeing as he is hated by some of the jurors. At Tribal Council, Zach played the idol he found, seeing as this is the last night he could've used it and Brennan was voted out in a 4-0 vote.

Episode 15: "Screwy Little Rascal"

  • Immunity Challenge: The Final Four raced to solve eight puzzles on eight stations located on the edge of a sand dune. Once one has finished the eighth station, he/she must solve a final puzzle before releasing a flag. First person to raise the flag wins Immunity.

Russell, being out of the alliance, felt the need to prove himself. At the Immunity Challenge, Russell proved that determination pays off by winning Immunity, ensuring that one of the allied castaways will go home. Chip lobbied for Desiree's exit saying she was a bigger jury threat, while Russell lobbied for Zach's exit saying that he was untrustworthy. In a trend this season, Desiree and Zach teamed up to vote out Chip at Tribal Council in a 2-1-1 vote, feeling that his lobbying was too much and unnecessary, in addition to the fact that he could win a jury vote.

  • Immunity Challenge: The Final Three will try to stay on a wild Mongolian horse while keeping a local helmet on their head as long as possible. Last person left on a horse wins the Final Immunity

On Day 38, the Final 3 walked up the desert path to their Final Immunity Challenge, commemorating the twenty-one other castaways that were voted out before them. At the Final Immunity Challenge, Zach stayed on long and won a crucial Final Immunity. At Tribal Council, he voted out Desiree, seeing her as a bigger threat. On Day 39, the Final 2 faced the jury where the finalists were given praises by some and bashed by the others. In the end, Zach beat Russell in a 6-3 vote.

Voting History

Original Tribes Day 7 Tribes Day 15 Tribes Merged Tribe Jury Vote
TC #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Reunion
Eliminated: Melody
2/5 Votes
3/5 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
3/5 Votes
2/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
Mari Lice
2/4 Votes
5/6 Votes
2/5 Votes
3/6 Votes
5/9 Votes
4/4 Votes
4/7 Votes
3/6 Votes
4/4 Votes
2/4 Votes
1/1 Vote
3/9 Votes
6/9 Votes
Voter Vote
Zach Andrew Eve Mary Jill Joseph Russell Emily Brennan Chip Desiree
Russell Eve Joseph Debra Joseph Debra Brennan Brennan Zach
Desiree Emily Jill Brennan Debra Emily Brennan Chip Zach
Chip Debra Jonatas Debra Lindsay Debra Debra Brennan Russell Emily Brennan Desiree Zach
Brennan Marsha Debra Paula Jill Joseph Debra Russell Zach Zach
Emily Bill Debra Lindsay Paula Debra Joseph Debra Zach Russell
Debra Melody Jonatas Marsha Lindsay Paula Jill Brennan Brennan Russell
Joseph Andrew Steve Mari Lice Eve Zach Jill Brennan Zach
Jill Chip Jonatas Steve Eve Eve Mary Debra Russell
Paula Andrew Emily Zach
Mary Bill Eve Zach Zach
Eve Jill Mari Lice Joseph
Mari Lice Andrew Steve Joseph
Lindsay Emily Debra
Marsha Bill Lindsay
Steve Mary Mari Lice
Jonatas Melody Chip
Andrew Mari Lice
Bill Mary
Melody Jill
Kelly Lost In Challenge
  • A name in bold indicates the winner of the season.
  • A name in underline indicates the winner of the car (a 2008 Jeep Liberty).

Jury Vote

  • Mary - Zach. "Russell screwed me over, so it's right I return the favor."
  • Paula - Zach. "Your jury speech won me over. Good job."
  • Jill - Russell. "Zach, we had a deal we won't write each other's name down. I am a woman of my word."
  • Joseph - Zach. "All you had to do was choose 10. *laughs*"
  • Debra - Russell. "I admire your determination and perseverance. Hope you fare well here."
  • Emily - Russell. "Once an ally, always an ally. You can always count on me."
  • Brennan - Zach. "Hope we can mend that friendship of ours after this game."
  • Chip - Zach. "Congrats on winning again. I should know."
  • Desiree - Zach. "I am glad that you acknowledged me as a threat."


Note 1: Adrian, Brian, Tommy and Kelly all finished last in the first Reward Challenge where the last one from each tribe gets eliminated.
Note 2: Brennan played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore four votes against him were not counted.
Note 3: Zach played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore one vote against him was not counted.
Note 4: The kidnapping rule was no longer applicable after the tribal merge, as there was only one tribe.

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