This article lists ImANewUser Amazing Race route marker trivia.

Route Marker Trivia

  • Every leg had a Detour and a Roadblock, but not all Roadblocks were aired. In Leg 1 of Season 2, the mapping Roadblock was unaired.
  • In Leg 3 of Season 4, teams first had to choose a Detour option without knowing the task, which they had to perform no matter how hard it is.
  • In Season 5, Cody & Genya the first team to not encounter a Detour or a Roadblock (they were eliminated mid-leg). However, several teams in the past have chosen not to complete Detours & Roadblocks.
  • Season 6's Hera and Carissa and Kris and Hayden missed both a Detour & a Roadblock for they were directed to the Leg 5 Pit Stop immediately after finishing Leg 4.
  • Out of seven teams who took the Fast Forward in Season 1, three teams did not finish in first place (Dustin & Kandice in Leg 2, Joe Jer & Zabrina in Leg 5, Kami & Karli in Leg 9).
  • Each season (except for Season 4) featured a leg where the Fast Forward was simply hidden.
  • A Fast Forward in Leg 9 of Season 4 was rumored to have been set up. However, undisclosed circumstances arose and it had to be cancelled.
  • Four teams have won the Fast Forward twice: Abigail & Jeannette, Kim & Kimberley, sun7kid & Rob and Lyn & Karlyn. All four teams won their second Fast Forward during their run on Season 7.
  • Season 3 & Season 9 featured four Yields, the most in any season of the ImANewUser Amazing Race. However, only three were shown in Season 9 as the Yield in Leg 7 went unaired. The Yield was used three times on Season 3, tying for most times a Yield was used in a season along with Season 5 & Season 6.
  • Steve & Steve of Season 5 fell behind due to the Yield, but due to an Intersection, Kim & Kimberley were forced to wait alongside them. Later in Leg 11, they beat the girls to the Pit Stop in a tight footrace.

Pit Stop Trivia

  • Team with most first place finishes (Season): Lyn & Karlyn of Season 1, with a total of six first place finishes
  • Team with most first place finishes (Career): Lyn & Karlyn of Season 1 and Season 7, with a total of eight first place finishes
  • Lowest-placing team to have finished first: Lenny & Karyn of Season 11 and Daniel & Danielle of Season 13 (13th place), who finished first in Leg 3.
  • Thirteen teams placed first at least once in Season 13, the most on any season of the race. Of them, twelve won with the assistance of the Fast Forward, also the most given on any season.
  • In Leg 7 of Season 3, Pat & Brenda finished first. This is the earliest that all remaining teams have finished first.
  • As of Season 13, Falkland Islands & Gibraltar are the only territories visited to not hold a Pit Stop.

Eliminated Outside The Pit Stop

Several teams have been eliminated outside a regular Pit Stop elimination.

  • A number of teams were eliminated due to tiebreakers.
  • Some were eliminated on the spot:
    • Dan and Jason of Season 2 - encountered a luck-based pearl-searching Roadblock in Leg 4. Four hours after the last team checked in, Jason was still searching, so the host decided to come there and eliminate them on the spot.
    • Cody and Genya of Season 5 - was on the last flight to Colombia along with several teams. When they pulled the last tag, they were shocked when they found out that since they arrived last, they were eliminated from the Race.
    • Joseph & Grace of Season 11 - was last to check in at the midpoint in Leg 6. Even though the leg was not over, they were eliminated from the Race.


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