This article contains summaries of the ImANewUser Amazing Race 2 Legs.

Leg 1

The second installment of the Race began as fifteen new teams set out from the Old Water Tower in Chicago & flew to Hamilton, Bermuda. Once there, teams had to test their knowledge on geography & learn how to play instruments. After earning the Fast Forward by playing cricket, musical performers Harvey & Dale checked in first. Meanwhile, sisters Kathleen & Nina had trouble getting to the Pit Stop, including breaking their bikes & losing their map, which caused them to check in last & be eliminated from the Race.

Arriving in limousines to the Old Water Tower, a historical landmark in Chicago, fifteen teams of two set out on a race around the world for a million dollars. When the host said "Go!!", father & son Dan & Jason opened their clue to discover they're heading to Hamilton, Bermuda, closely followed by cousins Lin & Ming. After the cousins asked the help of a local as to which subway line they take to the airport, they set out on the first Blue Line train along with stepsisters Catherine & Alicia, childhood friends Tammy & Brian, dating couple Mitch & Olive, retired married couple Joel & Margie & friends Ryan & Lenny who followed the other teams to the train station. As the rest of the teams headed out for the airport, boarding school roommates Mandy & Tiffany & sisters Kathleen & Nina were just finding the right train station. Once they finally find the train, Mandy comments, "It was hard finding the right station. We took, like, 30 minutes until we figured out where we were going."

As teams arrive at the airport, they had to make a choice between three flights, all arriving within 30 minutes of each other. With only limited seats on each flight, the teams on the first train all ran to the American Airlines counter where Catherine & Alicia, Tammy & Brian, Joel & Margie, Ryan & Lenny & Mitch & Olive. Lin & Ming, unable to book seats on the first departing flight, they decided to book tickets on the US Airways flight which arrives before both American Airlines along with musical performers Harvey & Dale, twins Katie & Kathy, father & son Dan & Jason & married couple Morris & Diane who were on the second train. When the last set of teams arrived to book tickets on the remaining American Airlines flight, dating couple Ross & Paige became worried about the thought of being last. Ross noted, "We're probably the last ones here." Along with them on the third flight are Mandy & Tiffany, Kathleen & Nina, best friends Dave & Lester & stepbrothers Paul & Will.

Landing in Hamilton first, Harvey & Dale took the lead out of the airport, closely followed by Dan & Jason & Katie & Kathy as teams headed to the Hamilton Cathedral. When they arrive at the cathedral to discover that it's closed, Harvey remarks, "Dammit…everyone’s gonna catch up & any lead we have is gone." As teams slowly arrive at the cathedral, the teams on the third flight started a car race en route. When the cathedral's tower opened, teams made a mad dash to the top carrying binoculars. From there, they had to spot their next route marker. With everyone tied for first & last, twins Katie & Kathy soared ahead when they found the red & yellow flag flying at Albuoy's Point. Commenting on the girls finding it, Jason said, "How could they find it while we can’t?" Soon after, all teams found the flag & are on their way.

Arriving in Albuoy's Point first, Katie & Kathy discovered that they had to search for ferry tickets hidden in the park's trees for ferries leaving for St. George's at one of four departure times: 11:30 am, 12:00 nn, 12:30 pm & 1:00 pm. Playing a game of hide-and-seek while looking, the twins find the tickets for the 11:30 am ferry. Soon to join them were Harvey & Dale, Morris & Diane & Dan & Jason, who Katie describes as "Kathy's soulmate & Kathy's future father-in-law" accompanied with a giggle. Just behind them, cousins Lin & Ming settled for 12:00 ferry tickets along with married couple Joel & Margie, Tammy & Brian & stepsisters Catherine & Alicia. On the third ferry were Mandy & Tiffany, Ryan & Lenny, Mitch & Olive & Dave & Lester. Being on the last ferry with Kathleen & Nina & Ross & Paige, Paul & Will became frustrated. "We have to find a way out of last place",says an exhausted Paul. Will added, "This is crazy."

The next day, the first ferry left for St. George's, Bermuda. When the first ferry arrived, they opened clues containing a picture of their next destination, the statue of George Somers on Ordnance Island. While most teams figured it out by comparing the photo to guide books or asking locals for help, cousins Lin & Ming had difficulty doing both, so they decided to go for the Fast Forward.

As other teams headed for Ordnance Island, Harvey & Dale decided to go for the Fast Forward. In this Fast Forward, that team had to score 10 points against Bermuda's cricket team in a game of cricket. Harvey & Dale first thought of backing out, but in the end, they scored enough points to earn the Fast Forward. An ecstatic Harvey remarked, "What a good way to start the Race: in the front of the pack. & it’s all thanks to the Fast Forward." Lin & Ming arrived a little later & had to back-track. In expressing disappointment, Ming said, "Man, it’s been taken. Oh well…"

Once at Ordnance Island, teams performed an unaired Roadblock, which was to map out the Bermuda Triangle. Morris, Katie, Jason, Alicia, Brian, Joel, Ming, Ryan, Mandy, Lester, Mitch, Will, Ross & Kathleen performed the Roadblock & finished in the order listed. Once done, they receive their next clue.

After finishing the Roadblock, Morris & Diane discover a Detour: Calypso or Cedar. In Calypso, teams had to produce three certain tunes using local Bermuda instruments. In Cedar, teams had to roll 40 logs over 30 yards to certain marked area. With Dan & Jason & Katie & Kathy close behind, the married couple decided to roll logs. Dan & Jason also chose to roll logs while Katie & Kathy decided to play the music.

As the three front teams performed the Detour, cousins Lin & Ming just arrived at Ordnance Island. In last place, Ming made up time at the Roadblock & passed seven teams who struggled to find the other two "vertices" on the map. Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Dan & Jason proved to be right in doing the Cedar option & beat Katie & Kathy.

While the other teams went for the Detour, Harvey & Dale checked in at the Pit Stop, the Deliverance, a replica of the famous ship, first where the host told them they won a trip to Mexico. Morris & Diane checked in second whereas Dan & Jason kept their lead over the twins Katie & Kathy to place third.

As Tammy & Brian & stepsisters Catherine & Alicia chose to do the logs & Joel & Margie chose to play the music, Lin & Ming chose to roll logs as well to catch up. The stepsisters beat out Tammy & Brian in a bike race to the Pit Stop for fifth. Joel & Margie settled for seventh, while Lin & Ming settled for eighth, still not believing the good & bad luck they had this leg. The teams on the third ferry decided to roll logs except for the roommates Mandy & Tiffany who went & played the music. The roommates, however, did not gain or lose ground as they checked in tenth place behind Ryan & Lenny & in front of Dave & Lester.

With Mitch & Olive checking in as twelfth place, the race for last place heated up. All the three teams decided to roll logs. With Kathleen & Nina breaking their bikes, stepbrothers Paul & Will got ahead & finished in thirteenth. Just when the day can't get worse for the sisters, they lose their map, giving Ross & Paige a chance to get ahead & get fourteenth. Stepping unto the mat in last place, sisters Kathleen & Nina became the first team eliminated from the Amazing Race. Reflecting on their experience, Kathleen remarks, "Well, at least it was fun. Even though we weren’t able to go far, I still learnt a lot about myself & found out that I have underestimated myself for the longest time." Nina adds, "We started this Race as close sisters & at the end of our road, we became closer than ever before & this Race will give us something good to reflect on. We’re sisters now, & we will remain sisters forever."

Leg 2

With teams bunching up at the Bermuda International Airport, roommates Mandy & Tiffany took the lead by getting on the earliest flight & finding the hidden Fast Forward to claim first place. Elsewhere, teams traveled through the streets of Podgorica in Montenegro where twins Katie & Kathy suffered at the Roadblock & fell further behind at the Detour, thus coming in last & becoming the second team eliminated from the Race.

Starting the next leg at 12:10 am, musical performers Harvey & Dale opened their clue instructing them to head to the Unfinished Church. Once there, they must search the grounds for their next clue. As teams had no difficulty finding the Unfinished Church, some teams had trouble finding their next clue. In the lead, Harvey & Dale found their next clue instructing them to fly to Podgorica, Montenegro. Once they arrive, they must search the streets for City Beck's Open Bar for their next clue. Some teams were excited at the prospect of going to Europe, but some like Catherine wanted somewhere else. As Catherine said, "What are we going to Europe for? I wanted to go to Africa!" Bringing up the rear, Paul & Will & Ross & Paige found their clues quickly in order to make up some time.

To get to Podgorica, teams first had to catch a ferry to Hamilton, then find a flight to Podgorica, Montenegro. On the way to the ferry terminal, Ross worries, "We have to make it." In the end, the couple luckily made it in time for the first ferry to leave. Once the ferry stopped, the fourteen teams all boarded SUVs & raced to the airport to reserve themselves on flights. In a mad dash, all teams decided to follow each other. In the front were cousins Lin & Ming, Harvey & Dale & married couple Joel & Margie. Bringing up the rear were Mitch & Olive, Dave & Lester & a distraught Ross & partner Paige who remarked, "We catch up, we get tied, & we fall in last again. This sucks." More bad luck ensued for the couple as they ended up on the third of three flights along with dating couple Mitch & Olive, Dave & Lester, Katie & Kathy & father/son Dan & Jason, who just missed the second of three flights containing married parents Morris & Diane, Paul & Will & Ryan & Lenny.

Landing in Podgorica first, Harvey & Dale arrived first, closely followed by childhood friends Tammy & Brian. Next out of the airport were Mandy & Tiffany & Joel & Margie who shared a taxi & went in the wrong direction, falling behind stepsisters Catherine & Alicia & cousins Lin & Ming who got out of the airport last due to baggage problems.

As the second plane landed in Montenegro, Harvey & Dale arrived to discover a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, that person had to identify 5 types of local Montenegrin wines & name them. Once they identify all correctly, they'll receive their next clue. Dale, Tammy, Catherine, Ming, Mandy, Margie, Will, Diane, Lenny, Paige, Dave, Dan, Olive & Kathy chose to do the Roadblock. Being first, Dale correctly identified all five wines & received their next clue. This time, they had to go to the Millennium Bridge for their next clue. It was also here where the second of seven Fast Forwards was hidden. However, no team knew about where it is or that it is hidden.

As the third flight arrived & the second set of teams reached the Roadblock, Mandy & Margie were still at the Roadblock. As Paul & Will said, "The girls are still there."

Several minutes later, Dan & Jason, Mitch & Olive & Katie & Kathy arrived after getting lost. Dan finished first, followed by Olive, leaving a queasy Kathy behind. Katie tried to comfort her & soon, they were finished & left for the bridge.

Arriving first in Millennium Bridge, Harvey & Dale discover a Detour: Land or Sea. The Detour was Land or Sea. In Land, teams had to search the newly-renovated Sports Stadium for their next clue. In Sea, teams had to head to Lake Scutari to search for a buoy with their next clue. Like friends Tammy & Brian & Catherine & Alicia right behind them, they decided to search the lake instead of searching the stadium, in hopes of Dale finding "a place to puke". Cousins Lin & Ming soon arrived & caught up to leaders, deciding to search the lake as well.

Mandy & Tiffany, along with Joel & Margie, got lost searching the bridge, so Mandy & Tiffany decided to work with the couple out of sheer mercy. Suddenly, the boarding school roommates saw a clue envelope & discovered that it was the Fast Forward. Wishing Joel & Margie the best of luck, the married couple's luck got worse when Paul & Will & Ryan & Lenny arrived & found it. The retired couple eventually found the clue box & chose to search the lake in hopes of beating the two teams that chose the seat search Detour & passing them.

As Morris & Diane chose to do the lake Detour, the four front-running teams found their next clue hanging on top of a buoy at the same time. This clue instructed them to make their way to the Pit Stop, Hotel Crna Gora. Since all teams there thought that they were fighting for first, they decided to have a car race.

Elsewhere, on the hotel's rooftop, Mandy & Tiffany checked in as the first team. As the winners of this leg, they won a trip to the Carribean which they could enjoy after the Race, still not believing the good luck they had.

Back on the bridge, all remaining teams chose to search the lake, except for twins Katie & Kathy, who decided to search the stadium in hopes of beating the rest of them.

At the Pit Stop, Harvey & Dale beat them to the mat to claim a second place, followed by Tammy & Brian, Catherine & Alicia & Lin & Ming in third to fifth place respectively. Joel & Margie trailed behind to claim sixth.

Morris & Diane, finding their clue quickly, beat Ryan & Lenny to the Pit Stop to claim eighth, just behind Paul & Will.

With Ross & Paige claiming tenth, Dave & Lester claiming eleventh & Dan & Jason claiming twelfth, it was down to Mitch & Olive & Katie & Kathy. Even though the twins gave a big effort in finding the clue quickly, Mitch & Olive still beat them to the mat, making the twins the second team eliminated from the Race. Pondering on their experience, Kathy said, "The fact that we made it to Europe & survived the first leg already made me feel proud." Katie adds, "Doing this with my best friend is a wonderful moment & I’ll cherish this for the rest of my life."

Leg 3

With teams scrambling for flights, it soon became anybody's game. Childhood friends Tammy & Brian maintained their slim lead to beat stepsisters Catherine & Alicia & claim first place as they drove to the Ecuadorian countryside. While in Quito, married parents Morris & Diane fell way behind the others due to a delayed flight connection & never caught up as they became the third team eliminated from the Race.

Departing first at 1:33 am, roommates Mandy & Tiffany opened their next clue, instructing them to fly to Quito, Ecuador & find Plaza Independencia for their next clue. Leaving the Pit Stop first, Mandy & Tiffany were happy with their luck, stating, "We're lucky to just come in first on at least one leg." Mitch & Olive, on the other end of the spectrum, however, have different thoughts. As Olive described the situation, "When Mitch doesn’t get what he wants, he becomes kinda bizarre, so I just stay out of his way when he becomes tweaked…"

Teams first had to get a bus to Belgrade, where they will book their tickets to Quito. As all teams were on the bus, not all teams were on the earliest flight as only Tammy & Brian, Catherine & Alicia, Ryan & Lenny, Joel & Margie & best friends Dave & Lester were able to get on. Cousins Lin & Ming, Paul & Will & Ross & Paige settled for a flight arriving later. The rest were on three separate flights arriving at nearly the same time but after the first two flights land.

As most teams made a smooth journey to Quito, Morris & Diane, whose flight was supposed to arrive before Mandy & Tiffany & Dan & Jason's flight, but before Harvey & Dale & Mitch & Olive's flight had problems. Their flight from London to Rio de Janeiro was delayed, so they weren't able to catch their flight from Rio de Janeiro to Quito. The couple then decided to fly to Buenos Aires in search of more flights. The decision turned out to be bad as they found out that the earliest flight to Quito would arrive at 9:00 pm, at least nine hours after all the other teams have landed.

Leading the first set of teams out the airport, Tammy & Brian both encounter the first of three Yields on the Race & their next clue. Encountering a Roadblock where they had an entire cooked guinea pig, Brian, Alicia, Lester, Joel, Ryan, Ross, Lin, Paul, Jason, Harvey, Mitch, Tiffany & Morris chose to feast on the meal. Brian finished the Roadblock first, giving his team tickets on the first flight to Galapagos Islands along with Catherine & Alicia, Dave & Lester & married couple Joel & Margie, who narrowly beat out Ryan & Lenny. The frustrated friends got tickets on the second flight along with Lin & Ming, Ross & Paige & stepbrothers Paul & Will.

When Dan & Jason & Mandy & Tiffany landed in Quito, the father/son raced to the Yield mat having this to say: "Sorry, girls." The roommates, in shock, exclaimed, "Dang it! We’ve been Yielded!!". Even though Harvey & Mitch get ahead of them, Tiffany still pushed through. Their persistence paid off as they were given tickets on the third of four flights.

Landing alone in Quito in the middle of the night, Morris & Diane, having been way behind & getting tickets alone for the last flight, their spirits stayed positive & they hope that they could catch up.

Departing on four different flights leaving 30 minutes apart, teams flew to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in the Galapagos Islands. Once there, they had to find the Mockingbird Cafe by bike to receive their next clue.

When the first flight arrived, Joel & Margie were leading the group, followed by Tammy & Brian, Catherine & Alicia & Dave & Lester who suffered a flat tire. Once they arrive, Tammy & Brian beat Joel & Margie to the waitress who will hand them their next clue. This time, they encounter a Detour: By The Shore or Under the Sea. In By The Shore, teams had to search for a turtle egg under a big sand pile. In Under The Sea, teams had to swim out to sea & search for a penguin figurine.

All teams chose to do the By The Shore option & the leg all came down to finding the figurine.

Over in Laguna de Junco, Tammy & Brian found the figurine first & now had to search the lake area for the next Pit Stop. With Catherine & Alicia & Dave & Lester hot on their tracks, the childhood friends immediately found the Pit Stop where they came in first. Catherine & Alicia came in second with Dave & Lester behind. Joel & Margie came in fourth.

As Ryan & Lenny came in fifth after losing to the married couple in the Roadblock, Lin & Ming came in sixth. Paul & Will finished next, but Ross & Paige were able to beat them to the Pit Stop since they took a longer time to find it. Harvey & Dale, after doing well in the first two legs, claimed ninth place, whereas Mandy & Tiffany outpaced Dan & Jason to the mat to claim tenth.

With Mitch & Olive spotting Morris & Diane in the distance the race was on. Morris & Diane caught up to the pair, but lost to a footrace in the end, becoming the third team eliminated from the race. Reflecting on their Race experiences, Morris said, "Even though we did our best, we still lost & I guess it’s not anymore in our hands." Diane adds, "This Race has brought us closer & we will always remember this for the rest of our lives."

Leg 4

Teams continue to cross the Pacific as teams head out to Tahiti. While daters Mitch & Olive struggled with a taboo tattoo Fast Forward, the rest searched for black pearls. As the daters finished first, father & son Dan & Jason had trouble searching for the pearl & were eliminated on the spot as the fourth team booted off the Race.

Starting Leg 4 at 12:01 am, friends Tammy & Brian opened their next clue instructing them to fly to the city of Papeete in Tahiti. With the name not being familiar to some of the teams, others wondered where they were going, one of them being Ming stating, "Is Papeete in Africa?"

Having to find flights for themselves, the cousins had trouble searching for flights to a place they never heard of, putting them squarely in last place along with father/son Dan & Jason & best friends Dave & Lester.

As teams arrived in Papeete, they jockeyed for position on the road where a hyper Paul & Will overtook Tammy & Brian. Daters Mitch & Olive arrived at the temple first where they encountered a Fast Forward which required them to get a tatoo the way locals got tattoos in Polynesia. With friends Harvey & Dale right on their heels, they decided to go for it. The friends/musical performers, overhearing of Mitch & Olive's plans to go for the Fast Forward, decided not to go for it & encountered a Detour: Out Fitting or Out Fishing. In Out Fitting, teams head to a clothing factory. Once there, they had to search for outfits matching those on a chosen mannequin. In Out Fishing, teams had to head to the island's bay & catch 4 fish using a local technique.

Seeing the difficulty of the fishing task, the friends decided to go outfit hunting, as did Joel & Margie, Ross & Paige, Ryan & Lenny, Catherine & Alicia, Tammy & Brian, Paul & Will & Mandy & Tiffany, who decided to form an alliance with the stepsisters. Dan & Jason, Lin & Ming & Dave & Lester, only a few minutes behind, all went to do the fishing task in hopes of catching up.

Mitch & Olive, having gone for the Fast Forward, expected nothing more than henna tattoos. Olive then came face-to-face with her fear of needles & started to consider backing out of the task. Mitch, frustrated about possibly having to go back & fall behind, volunteered to go first, telling Olive, "See, it ain't so bad."

As Olive tries to conquer her fear of needles, the other teams tried to conquer their lack of attention to detail while at the Out Fitting Detour. Paul & Will conquered it first, giving them a clue leading them to Papeete Waterfront. Ryan & Lenny passed by the needed outfit 3 times, giving Harvey & Dale & Tammy & Brian the chance to pass them. Soon, all found their outfits, leaving Ross & Paige who misplaced the outfit & had to find it again. Eventually, they were able to find it.

As teams made their way to the next clue, Lin & Ming, Dan & Jason & Dave & Lester were stuck at the bay, having caught no fish yet. With Lin tripping & spraining her arm & Dan's vision hindering the father/son's progress in catching fish, Dave & Lester got ahead of them, with Lester quipping, "I caught two!! In your face!" Soon, they were all on their way as the last three teams regretted their decision to fish.

Arriving first at the Papeete Waterfront, Paul & Will opened their clue to discover a Roadblock. This Roadblock required a team to look for a black pearl inside 1 of 1000 shells. The catch is that there are only 20 shells with a black pearl in it. Will decided to search for it. Dale, Lenny, Tammy, Margie, Paige, Catherine & Mandy soon joined him in the hunt for the pearl, with none of the three other teams in sight.

Meanwhile, Mitch & Olive get to go treasure-hunting as well in the Bahamas as a prize for coming in first in this leg. Being in front for the first time in this Race, Mitch squeals, "It feels great!"

Still with no sight of Dave & Lester, Lin & Ming or Dan & Jason anywhere, like a gift from God, all 8 of those searching found a pearl at nearly the same time, making for an 8-way car race & footrace to the next Pit Stop, the Le Meridien Tahiti. On the way there, Mandy & Tiffany spot Dave & Lester’s car, still in shock that they’re ahead of a team.

At the Pit Stop, it became intense as Harvey & Dale checked in second. Ryan & Lenny narrowly beat out Tammy & Brian. Paul & Will checked in fifth, Joel & Margie checked in sixth & Ross & Paige checked in seventh. Mandy & Tiffany let Catherine & Alicia check in before them, placing the roommates in ninth.

As Dave found the pearl, Lin & Ming & Dan & Jason arrived. Ming offered to do the Roadblock since Lin was ailing & Jason offered to do the Roadblock since his father can't see well in the dark. Shortly after Dave & Lester arrived tenth to the mat, Ming found a pearl, leaving the father/son in the dust & claiming eleventh, making the cousins quip, "Still in it."

Searching for four hours already, Jason & Dan received a shocking visit from the host. The host then told them that even if he had continued, they'd still be in last & they'd still be the fourth team eliminated from the Race. Commenting on his father, Jason said, "My dad, he’s such a supportive father. He kept on cheering me on hoping that I would find the pearl. Of course, we don’t click sometimes but we get along eventually." Dan said in reply, "He’s such a wonderful son. Very obedient & fun-loving. This Race just assured me that he could now live on his own."

Leg 5

Starting again on an even playing field, teams flew to the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Encountering boat, taxi, bus & tuk-tuk problems, teams struggled to jockey for position. After nearly missing a crucial flight, Ross & Paige got ahead after finding an inconspicuous Fast Forward, whereas Ryan & Lenny struggled at the Detour, fell further behind at the Roadblock & were the fifth eliminated team.

Starting first at 6:46 am, Mitch & Olive opened their first clue, instructing them to cross the Pacific & fly to the city of Bangkok. Once there, they had to search Koh Kret Island for their next clue. With the hotel having a travel agency, the couple decided to wait for it to open. 2 hours later, Lin & Ming left the Pit Stop only having thoughts of catching up. "Last leg, we survived elimination. Now we plan to avoid elimination again this leg.", a focused Ming said.

A minute later, the travel agency opened with all the teams except a late Lin & Ming waiting at the doors. This caused Mitch & Olive to worry, "Great, only Lin & Ming remain. That sucks!". Indeed, their worries came true when they soon arrived. The worries soon compounded when all teams managed to book the same flight departing from Papeete to Bangkok with a layover in Tokyo, arriving at 7:30 pm. However, some sighs of relief were said when other teams, like Mandy & Tiffany found out that Ross & Paige might not make it on the connecting flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. With a little luck & lots of begging, the lucky couple made it on the flight just in time.

With the flight arriving, teams ran out of the airport in a mad frenzy, with Harvey & Dale & Tammy & Brian in the lead while Paul & Will & Ryan & Lenny, after suffering a flat tire, fell behind & missed the first ferry to Koh Kret Island by a few seconds. As Will says, "There goes the ferry."

When teams arrived at Koh Kret Island, they discover a Detour: Move It or Altar It. In Move It, teams had to transport 72 pots from a pottery shop to a docked boat by balancing them on a board. Altar It required teams to assemble a shrine, including gold leafing a small Buddha statue for the shrine.

As most teams chose to carry pots, the trio of Lin & Ming, Catherine & Alicia & Mandy & Tiffany chose to build altars, calling it "bonding time". While the girls found out about what they had in common, other teams like Dave & Lester, Ross & Paige & Joel & Margie learnt about how different they dealt with pressured situations like this. Eventually, this gave Harvey & Dale & Tammy & Brian a much needed lead & gave Ryan & Lenny & Paul & Will, who were just arriving, a chance to catch up. Unfortunately, the boat's engine stalled, making Ross & Paige & Joel & Margie get on the first ferry back to Bangkok where they'll head to Mo Chit Bus Terminal & sign up for one of four buses to a mystery destination.

With stakes high, the four front teams hurried in their taxis to get on the first bus. That came true for Tammy & Brian, Harvey & Dale & Ross & Paige. Narrowly missing out, Joel says, "Durnit!!" in frustration. After Catherine & Alicia narrowly misses the second ferry, Lin & Ming & Catherine & Alicia make it to the second bus. The stepsisters had to settle for the third bus along with Mitch & Olive & Dave & Lester whose taxi was held for speeding.

After falling behind, Ryan & Lenny settled for the last bus along with Paul & Will, who stopped at a nearby mall for fastfood.

Teams are now heading by bus to a mystery destination: Ayuthaya, an ancient capital. On the way, some teams encountered more transport problems. As the second bus containing Mitch & Olive, the cousins & stepsisters broke down & the third bus suffered a flat tire, the first bus extended their lead & the fourth bus made up time.

After arriving in Ayuthaya, teams had to take tuk-tuks to the Wat Phra Si Sanphet for their next clue & a "hidden treasure". The "hidden treasure" was a hidden Fast Forward, the second of 2 hidden in the Race. It was hidden somewhere in the temple complex, not far from the clue. However, teams had to find that piece of information for themselves. With the three teams having a lead, they decided to not race each other to the temple & arrived at the same time.

However, it was not the same when the other three buses arrived within seconds of each other. Teams jockeyed for position as the leg came closer to the end.

As most teams decided to search in the right place for the cluebox, Ross & Paige got lost in the temple complex, only to discover their luck has changed after finding the Fast Forward. Along with their luck, they manage to win a trip to Hawaii for checking in first.

When the other teams arrived at the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, they encountered a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, that team member had to eat boat noodles, a local delicacy. Brian, Harvey, Tiffany, Lin, Margie, Dave, Olive, Alicia, Will & Ryan chose to do the respective Roadblocks. Brian beat out Harvey in the Roadblock to get their next clue, leading to the next Pit Stop, the Khun Phaen Residence. Seizing this opportunity to get ahead, they managed to find a tuk-tuk quickly & get there. However, they made a wrong turn, making Harvey & Dale overtake them & settle for third place.

As Tiffany ate her way to a satisfying fourth place finish along with her teammate, Lin & Margie went head-to-head, making the competition even more fierce when they finish at roughly the same time & arrive at the Pit Stop close to each other, setting up a fierce footrace with Lin & Ming beating out the retired couple.

With Dave & Lester finishing seventh & Mitch & Olive finishing eighth, Paul & Will decided to make up for lost time & a hungry Will overtook Alicia. However, with the stepbrothers suffering a flat tire & the stepsisters getting a better tuk-tuk, the girls narrowly beat out the brothers for a ninth place finish.

Stepping onto the mat last, Ryan & Lenny were informed that they had indeed been eliminated from the Race. Persevering until the end, Ryan states, "Being here on this Race, I realized that whatever happens, you have to keep trying & trying until you can’t try no more." Lenny states, "This Race has shown me that Ryan is a good friend & I’m so lucky to have him as a long-time buddy."

Leg 6

When teams suffered stress in Bangkok, some teams suffered more stress when they fell more than 10 hours behind on the way to the city of Vladivostok. Lin & Ming got first after winning the Fast Forward, whereas Mitch & Olive, having been far behind, never caught up & became the sixth team eliminated from the Race.

Starting the sixth leg at 9:47 pm, Ross & Paige opened their first clue instructing them to take a bus to the city of Lopburi. Once there, they must search the Prang Sam Yot for their next clue. With nearly an hour of lead over the next teams, Ross & Paige boarded the first bus alone, expressing enjoyment. The happiness was short-lived however, when they found out that it doesn't open until 8:00 am the next day. This caused the rest of the teams to catch up.

When the gates opened, teams raced to set up for the monkey feast. Since monekys were allowed to roam the temple grounds, some monkeys kept on grabbing fruit. Margie recalls, "The monekys were, like, coming here & there, getting food & destroying the overall look. It was absolutely frustrating." Eventually, all teams were able to get their next clue. In a twist, teams received a clue in Russian. When translated, the clue instructs teams to fly to Vladivostok in the eastern part of Russia. Once there, teams must search the grounds of the Eagle's Nest Mount for their next clue.

At the airport, things heated up as teams tried to translate the clue. Several teams immediately made a mistake by booking flights to Moscow & St. Petersburg before translating the clue. Some teams, however, were lucky. Roommates Mandy & Tiffany found a guy who can speak Russian & translated the clue for them. They then relayed the information to allies Lin & Ming & Ross & Paige. Unfortunately, Harvey & Dale overheard the information while they themselves were looking for someone to translate the clue & told their closest competitors Tammy & Brian. Knowing of the threat they pose, Dale muses, "You know the saying. Keep your friends close & your enemies closer." They all then get on a 10:20 am direct flight to Vladivostok.

Joel & Margie, Catherine & Alicia, Dave & Lester, having flown to Moscow before translating the clue, realized their huge mistake. Realizing they might fall way behind, they discover the earliest flight to Vladivostok is through St. Petersburg. Unfortunately for them, they must hurry since they only have an hour to get on the connecting flight. With Mitch & Olive & Paul & Will already in St. Petersburg, the three remaining teams hoped for the best. In the end, they lucked out as they all finally made their way to Vladivostok.

As the teams from St. Petersburg made their way. the first teams arrived in Vladivostok. Leading the way, Ross & Paige discovered a Detour. In this Detour, teams chose between Unique or Uniform. In Unique, teams had to perform a local Russian dance in a local costume. Uniform required teams to match a uniform photo with an actual uniform on the soldiers. Along with the Detour, Ross & Paige encountered a Fast Forward, requiring them to eat caviar for their next clue. Having used up their Fast Forward, Ross & Paige decided to do Unique. Harvey & Dale & Mandy & Tiffany, having used it up too, decided to follow suit & went for Unique. Tammy & Brian & Lin & Ming decided to go for the Fast Forward, having not used it yet.

As Ross & Paige, Harvey & Dale & the roomies struggled to perform the dance properly, Tammy & Brian & Lin & Ming raced to eat the caviar. It was tight, but in the end, Lin & Ming outpaced the childhood friends & won the Fast Forward. They can now head to the next Pit Stop, Yul Brynner's Home. The cousins checked in first & won a trip to Brazil. After losing out to the cousins, Tammy & Brian raced back to do the Unique option. Tammy states, "Durnit!! We have to catch up!!" When arriving at the Unique Detour, no one was there. Brian remarks, "There can't be anyone else with worse luck." Somewhere else in Russia, on the western end, the five remaining teams were just boarding the flight. As Dave & Lester says, "When those five ever think they're last, will they ever find out that they're wrong.", the flight leaves for Vladivostok, with all the teams hoping to catch up.

After the Detour, teams headed to Fokin Street for their next clue. Once there, they encountered a Roadblock. For this Roadblock, that team member must build a model ship, reflecting the city's main industry. Tammy, Harvey, Tiffany, Ross, Paul, Lester, Catherine, Joel & Mitch chose to do this Roadblock.

Arriving first in the middle of the night, Harvey, Tiffany & Ross all struggled to finish the ship correctly, giving Tammy the chance to catch up. With some help from Brian, Tammy finished the ship first. They then received instructions directing them to the Pit Stop, Yul Brynner's Home, where the last team to check in will be eliminated. Gaining a huge lead, Tammy & Brian arrived second. Harvey & Tiffany finished neck-and-neck & the musical performers outran them to claim third, leaving the roommates to settle for fourth. Ross & Paige fell to fifth place.

After the five frontrunning teams checked in, the second flight arrived. Trying to keep up with the pack, all teams chose to do Unique. Going into the Roadblock neck-and-neck, Catherine & Alicia suffered a flat tire, Mitch & Olive decided to check the FF & Joel & Margie got lost, giving Paul & Will & Dave & Lester some lead & putting them in sixth & seventh place.

After replacing the flat tire, Catherine & Alicia made up time & checked in eighth, leaving Joel & Margie & the daters to finish the leg. With Mitch & Olive getting lost on the way back from the FF after finding out it was taken, Joel & Margie beat them to the Roadblock & finished in a close ninth. Mitch & Olive finally arrived in the Pit Stop, receiving the news that they've been eliminated from the Race. Reflecting on the experience, Mitch said, "I love Olive. But if she needs to be alone, then I respect that." Olive adds, "The experience opened up my eyes. I really love Mitch, but we need to fix something to make it work."

Leg 7a

Maintaining the time separation, teams flew to Hongkong, China without anymore flight problems. Teams literally got a taste of the local culture & suffered language barriers. Lin & Ming continued to lead the pack, but were in shock as they found out that the leg is not over & they must continue.

Dpearting first twenty-four hours later at 12:05 am, Lin & Ming opened their clue. This time, they were instructed to fly to the city of Hongkong, China. Once there, they must search the landmark featured in a given picture for their next clue. Realizing the landmark as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, the cousins expressed delight over going back to their home land. "It's so fun to know you're going back to where you were raised", says an ecstatic Ming. Other teams had other reactions: while roommates Mandy & Tiffany were excited about the prospect of actually being able to go to Hongkong, an inexperienced traveler in Brian pointed out, "Elpehants now serve food?" in reference to Jumbo, the elephant. As Tammy told him, "It's the name of the restaurant, not the waiters!!". The childhood friends then booked a flight arriving 9:31 am in Hongkong, along with the roommates, Lin & Ming, Ross & Paige & musicians Harvey & Dale who prayed their lead would hold.

Around ninety minutes after the first flight left, the rest of the teams left Yul Brynner's Home. Being last to leave, retired couple Joel & Margie had to catch up to the other teams in order to catch a flight leaving in thirty minutes. With the help of a fast cab & some luck, they managed to make it to the flight, arriving in Hongkong four hours after the first flight.

Once teams arrived in Hongkong, they rushed to get taxis. With most of the teams being stuck in traffic, Lin & Ming & Tammy & Brian managed to squeeze through the traffic, getting to the restaurant first. Upon receiving their next clue, they discovered a Detour: Tai Chi or Herb Tea. In Tai Chi, teams had to perform five simple tai chi exercises. In Herb Tea, teams had to sample a locally-made herbal tea.

With a lead on the other teams, the frontrunners decided to relax & go for the Tai Chi Detour. Dating couple Ross & Paige noted the silence. "It was fun to have a moment of silence during this stressful time.", says Ross. Paige adds, "The field is narrowing down & this is what we need to regain our focus." After they finished the exercises, the group, led by Tammy & Brian opened a clue instructing them to go search the Tian Tan Buddha for their next clue. After getting to the Tian Tan Buddha, teams then received a clue to ride the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui. With time very little, all the front teams managed to make it on.

Once teams arrived, they encountered a Roadblock. For this Roadblock, that team member must perform a lion dance. Lin, Brian, Dale, Paige & Mandy decided to "shake their groove thing".

As the frontrunners performed the Roadblock, the back teams rushed to catch up. Dave & Lester led the pack & decided to practice Tai Chi. Stepbrothers Paul & Will & Catherine & Alicia followed suit. In hopes of catching up, Joel & Margie decided to sip tea instead. This decision proved to be correct as they got ahead of the stepsiblings. They then proceeded to the Tian Tan Buddha.

As the teams in the back rushed to the Tian Tan Buddha, Lin, Brian & Dale finished the Roadblock, leaving Paige & Mandy alone. The three then received a clue telling them to meet the host at the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower. After the back teams arrived at the Tian Tan Buddha, Dave & Lester gained a lead on the other three teams by making it to the Star Ferry in time. This made them catch up to Paige & Mandy, who were still there after a few hours. When the last three teams arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui, Catherine & Alicia outran Paul & Will, much to the chagrin of the stepbrothers. As they arrived at the Roadblock, Paige & Mandy finished. Dave finished soon afterward, leaving Joel, Alicia & Will to battle it out.

With the rest of the teams still battling to survive, Lin & Ming outran the musicians & childhood friends to arrive first. Unfortunately for them, they were told that the Race is not yet over & they were given their next clue.

-->To Be Continued<--

Leg 7b

As teams got bunched up due to some building's hours of operation, the nine remaining teams raced through the streets of Macau, battling twice the language barriers. With no one using the Yield, Tammy & Brian sailed smoothly to a first place finish whereas Catherine & Alicia had floral troubles & were eliminated from the Race.

Lin & Ming, after arriving at the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, received a picture with their next clue pictured. The cousins quickly realized that the clue is showing the Statue of Tien-Hou. They quickly hopped on a taxi, with Tammy & Brian & Harvey & Dale close behind. Ross & Paige soon arrived, with an exhausted Mandy & Tiffany. A tired Tiffany exclaims, "This just can't go on forever." Joel & Alicia finish the Roadblock just as Dave & Lester arrive at the fake Pit Stop. Paul & Will arrive last, but were ecstatic upon hearing that the leg is not over. A newly-upbeat Will states, "I knew our time wasn't up yet."

Frontrunners Lin & Ming & Tammy & Brian arrive at the same time to open their next clue, telling them to take a ferry to Macau, where they'll search the Hongkong-Macau Ferry Pier for their next clue. The childhood friends are in disappoinment as they barely miss an earlier ferry. They went on the next ferry along with Harvey & Dale & the cousins who exclaim "There goes our lead." Dating couple Ross & Paige narrowly miss this ferry, causing them to take a later one along with roommates Mandy & Tiffany & best friends Dave & Lester.

Elsewhere, Joel & Margie get lost on the way to the Statue of Tien-Hou, allowing Catherine & Alicia to get ahead. Paul & Will get lost as well, making them narrowly catch the third ferry to Macau. A frustrated Joel exclaims, "Why did they have to make it? Can't they have just been trapped somewhere?". Paul can't stop relishing their luck, saying "We keep catching everything by seconds. It's insane."

Once the frontrunners arrive in Macau, they search for their next clue somewhere in the pier. Lin & Ming spot it first & discover they need to travel by taxi to the Museum of Macau. Lin & Ming relish the thought of extending their lead. However, they discover that it doesn't open until the next morning, leaving the front teams to mope about their luck & the teams at the back, particularly an ecstatic Joel & Margie, to express their elation. As an ecstatic Margie states, "Everyone's bunched up again. It's game time."

With the Macau Museum opening, the nine teams rush to open the clue & encounter a Detour: Speak It or Eat It. In Speak It, teams had to translate three Chinese phrases into Portuguese. In Eat It, teams had to finish a typical breakfast in Macau.

In a rush out of the museum, everyone decided to follow Tammy & Brian's taxi, who opted to Speak It. Tammy, feeling infuriated, wanted the cab to run all the red lights. Brian told her to calm down & said, "Don't worry. We want that. We need to know we're in the lead.".

When the array of cabs arrived at the destination, teams were in a flurry to find people on the street to help them. As Mandy & Tiffany enticed some men to help them, Dave & Lester utilized their flirting skills as well. However, they failed in vain. "We had the looks when we were teenagers.", says a frustrated Dave. Adds Lester, "Apparently, we didn't age well." Eventually, Tammy & Brian, with the help of a guidebook they borrowed from a local, managed to translate all three phrases first. The duo were then told to head to the Lotus Fountain for their next clue. Lin & Ming, Harvey & Dale and Dave & Lester soon followed suit.

While the other teams were doing the tasks, dating couple Ross & Paige screamed at locals looking for help. This irked some of the racers. "If they needed to shout, I could've pushed them off a cliff.", says a frustrated Margie. Eventually, she & Joel managed to finish, followed by Mandy & Tiffany and Ross & Paige. Paul & Will soon figured out the translations, leaving Catherine & Alicia, who eventually left moments after.

With the second Yield ahead, Tammy & Brian contemplated on their options. They said Yielding the musical performers were the best option, but feared a comeback and it could bite them in the butt in the future. They thought on Yielding one of the teams at the back, but they wanted less competition, so they chose not to. In the end, when they arrived at the Lotus Fountain, they decided not to Yield anyone.

When the teams arrived at the fountain, they discovered a Roadblock. For this Roadblock, that team member must search the fountain for a bag of puzzle pieces, then assemble the puzzle pieces to form a lotus-like figure with their next clue written on it.

Tammy chose to do this Roadblock, soon getting company from Ming & Harvey. Dave soon joined the flurry of confusion, with Joel & Mandy close behind. Paige joined the others, leaving only two on the road. With Paul & Will stuck in traffic, Catherine & Alicia got ahead of the stepbrothers and Catherine chose to do the Roadblock in hopes of making up lost time. Tammy got her bag first, followed by Harvey. Proving to be a wizard at puzzles, Tammy finished the puzzle quickly and read the inscription: "Find Na Tcha Temple. Warning: Last team to arrive is eliminated." When Tammy left, Harvey copied her puzzle and left moments after.

As Catherine struggled to find a bag, the others started solving the puzzle. Eventually, Paul & Will arrived and Will chose to do the Roadblock.

On the taxi, Tammy & Brian worried about possible incidents that could happen this leg. In the end, these scenarios didn't matter as they arrived first. They were rewarded a cruise around Antarctica for their efforts. Brian then asked, "Is this really the Pit Stop?" and the team burst in laughter.

Harvey & Dale got lost, letting Lin & Ming, who left the Roadblock third, arrive second. The musical performers settled for third, while Dave & Lester arrived at fourth. When Joel & Margie arrived fifth, a footrace ensued between roommates Mandy & Tiffany and dating couple Ross & Paige. Even though the roommates left sixth, they fell short, placing seventh behind the couple, leaving Paul & Will and Catherine & Alicia on the course.

Will found his bag quickly, but struggled with the puzzle. Catherine on the other hand, just found her pieces. Eventually, Will copied the other Racers' work and finished his puzzle minutes ahead of Catherine & Alicia. Even though Paul & Will got temporarily lost on the streets of Macau, the stepsisters' taxi ran out of gas, allowing them to claim eighth. The depressed stepsisters got the news that they were eliminated from the Race, but left in good spirits. Catherine says, "I've had fun on this Race. I mean, I wish we'd have gone further, but that's how the cookie crumbles." Alicia adds, "We're both pastors and we think that this experience helped us to become better role models. We definitely don't get along all the time, but this Race helped me realize what I need to do so we can make this relationship very fun. I love my stepsis and always will."

Leg 8

After a long leg in China, teams fly to the country of Georgia. As teams enter an unrecognized nation, teams get into the habit of war and fight for the top spots. As Dave & Lester eat their way to a first place finish, roommates Mandy & Tiffany suffer a moment of stupidity, putting them in last place and getting them eliminated.

Leg 9

As the rest of the teams venture through Ceuta, Spain, married retirees Joel & Margie use their Fast Forward to secure a much-needed win. Meanwhile, stepbrothers Paul & Will run out of luck and arrive last at the Pit Stop, eliminating them.

Leg 10

The race continues in Melilla, shocking teams with the only Intersection of the Race. While Tammy & Brian use their lead from the previous leg to jump back into the lead, dating couple Ross & Paige fail to catch up, and are eliminated after losing a tight footrace.

Leg 11

From Africa to the Caribbean, the race heads west to Aruba. Faced with a Yield, best friends Dave & Lester organize a plan to target childhood friends Tammy & Brian but back out at the last second. Unfortunately for the duo, this results in the latter winning the leg, and their race coming to an end.

Leg 12

The race continues its island-hopping tour, with a stop at Martinique. With a spot in the final leg on the line, the Final 4 give it their all to make it to the end. Musical performers Harvey & Dale pull out a leg win, and married retirees Joel & Margie come up short.

Leg 13

The Final Three give it their all as the race heads to the Virgin Islands before concluding at Miami, Florida. While Lin & Ming and Tammy & Brian gave Harvey & Dale a good run for their money, in the end the musical performers pulled out a victory and win the ImANewUser Amazing Race.


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